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hot products
  • 3g 4g Android Mobile Radio

    PoC WiFi Bluetooth Android Mobile Radio

    SenHaiX SPTT-N60 is 3G 4G network android mobile radio with wifi, bluetooth, zello, sos, phone function, gps function, with touch screen, big LCD.

  • Network PoC WCDMA Radio

    Dual Mode Analog and GSM IP Radio

    SenHaiX SPTT-63 is Professional Analog and Network Radio, Compact and Multifuction, with a LCD Screen and Full Keypad.

  • Wifi Zello Ham Two Way Radio

    Android IP Network SIM Card Handheld Radio

    SenHaiX 69 handheld radio is Android system, with WiFi, Bluetooth, Phone, Zello, SOS and GPS function.

  • UHF VHF two way radio

    UHF VHF 10W Handheld Two Way Radio

    SenHaiX GT-10 high-output professional, rugged, analog two-way Radio, is specifically designed to tackle harsh working environments,it with special hidden LCD display, 199 channels, with superb clear voice. 

  • Ultra Thin Portable Radio

    2W UHF Two Way Radio

    SenHaiX 1410 is Ultra-slim two way radio , lightweight, Cost-effective, with two PTT keys and unique breathing lights.

  • Portable Radio Walkie Talkie

    Ultra Slim 2 way radio with breathing lights

    SenHaiX 1420 is a licence-free PMR446 radio, excelling with a compact, ergonomic design. 

  • Mini Ham Radio Transceiver

    0.5W PMR446MHz License Free Radio

    SenHaiX 1430 offer resistance agaist impacts, ideal for commercial environments. 

  • mobile car radio with SIM card

    4G LTE Mobile Car Radio

    SenHaiX SPTT-100 4G, simple-to use Vehicle Radio with GPS function, REAL PTT platform, 4G LTE Network Radio, easy to operate mobile radio, are created to give you the immediate, reliable communication you need to keep mobile teams working efficiently.

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