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  • Step into the magical world of radio
    Step into the magical world of radio on 2023-02-14
    On February 13, 2023, the world ushered in the twelfth "World Radio Day". When it comes to radio, many people will feel mysterious and unfamiliar, but human life is increasingly inseparable from radio. From radio, television to military radar, from vehicle wireless communication, satellite communication to cellular mobile communication, new radio technologies are constantly emerging ... more and more radio applications are quietly changing our lives. Radio technology is also playing an increasingly important role in radio and television, communications, railways, transportation, aviation, aerospace, meteorology, fishery, scientific research, emergency rescue, news media, public security, armed police, military and other departments and industries. Role, let us walk into the magical wireless world together today! 1. What is radio? The earth we live in is surrounded by electromagnetic waves, and the ubiquitous electromagnetic waves spread from small centers to all directions like water ripples. Radio waves refer to electromagnetic waves with a frequency below 3000 GHz, and use the propagation of radio waves in space to realize information. The technology of interactive transmission is called radio because it gets rid of the shackles of wires. 2. Radio Spectrum Resources The so-called radio spectrum refers to the pedigree formed by the arrangement of various radio waves according to the frequency. The development of any radio service needs radio spectrum resources as a carrier. Although radio spectrum resources are invisible and intangible, like natural resources such as land, minerals, forests, and water resources, they are important and scarce strategic resources owned by the country, and contain huge economic, social, and military values. Over the years, the workers of my country's radio management agencies at all levels have been aggressive, pioneering and innovative, scientifically managing radio frequencies, effectively maintaining the order of air waves, and ensuring the smooth development and operation of rich and colorful radio services. 3. New Radio Technologies, New Applications New radio technologies and applications are constantly emerging: mobile communications are rapidly updated, and 5G is gradually deployed; radio broadcasting services are moving towards broadband, digitization, and networking; the integration of radio and the Internet has opened up a vast new world, such as mobile Internet, Internet of Things, smart Radio technology and application innovations such as cities, Internet of Vehicles, mobile payment, wireless charging, and smart wearable devices are incubating a large number of strategic emerging industries, and huge economic and social values are emerging.
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  • How to pair the channel on the two way radio?
    How to pair the channel on the two way radio? on 2023-01-09
    Many users do not know how to "pair" channels when using two way radios. This article combines the types of two way radios to talk about their related knowledge.   The answer is "turn the FM knob". Strictly speaking, there is no so-called "pairing" for two way radios. The frequency used for calls on two way radios, whether it is analog signals in the early years or digital signals later, as well as the current base station and IP intercom technology, although the technology has changed , but the frequency used remains unchanged. As long as one or more two way radios are set to the same frequency, then the two way radios under this frequency can directly make calls, and the calls are one-to-one or one-to-many. "Pairing" said, just turn the adjustment button, you can tune the frequency.   What is a two way radio frequency?   The so-called "frequency" can be understood as TV channels and call channels. Based on different application industries, the frequency of two way radio is strictly limited. For example, the frequency of U-segment for civil use is between 400-470MHz, and the frequency of V-segment is between 136-174MHz. Take the 420MHz frequency, A radio and B radio as an example, as long as the frequencies of these two radios are all set to 420MHz, as long as the communication distance does not exceed the range, and there are no super interference sources and obstacles within the communication range, then Two two way radios can make a call, and the signal transmission during the call is limited to this frequency, which will not affect the call of equipment in other frequency bands, such as the 350MHz frequency used by public security and the 220MHz frequency used by the coast; the 433MHz frequency used by amateurs; the frequency used by mobile phones 900MHz frequency; the 85-120MHz frequency used by the radio, etc., do not interfere with each other, and do not need to be paired. As long as the device has a frequency search function, you can receive or transmit signals by adjusting the frequency, and you can also communicate.   What is the difference between the new number of two way radio communication?    The analog signal two way radios in the early years used analog signal technology, through a special sound wave oscillation device, converted it into an electromagnetic signal and emitted it, and then restored it at the receiving end to generate electronic sound; while the communication method of the digital signal two way radio is different from the analog The signal two way radio is the same, but it is no longer a signal simulation, but directly encodes the audio signal, and then decodes and restores it through the corresponding decoder. The communication distance and communication quality are much stronger than the analog signal; as for the base station communication technology, IP walkie-talkie is just a personal definition. It is essentially a digital signal communication, but it is combi...
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  • Why hasn't the walkie-talkie been replaced by the mobile phone?
    Why hasn't the walkie-talkie been replaced by the mobile phone? on 2023-01-07
    1. The walkie-talkie is not restricted by the network. In places where the network does not cover, the walkie-talkie allows users to communicate easily.    2. The walkie-talkie provides one-to-one and one-to-many communication methods, one-click to talk, simple operation, and freer communication, especially in the case of emergency dispatch and collective work, these features are very important.   3. Call costs are low. For mobile phones, communication is more based on SIM cards, and each time you need to dial a number, or call through a Whatsapp ID to make a call! He has strict signal and network requirements, otherwise the call cannot be realized!   In the case of calls on fixed occasions, sometimes faster and more stable communication is required, which will not be restricted by the operator's network! Then the importance of the walkie-talkie is self-evident! For example, in construction, it is generally communicated with tower crane drivers, high-rise buildings and underground floors. The walkie-talkie is a very good way to transmit information. You only need to press and hold to talk! In some coal mines, some people went down the mine, and the commander above also talked through the walkie-talkie!   In some live broadcasts,the director communicates with the host and actors through walkie-talkies, but sometimes it is a one-way communication, and sometimes it is a dialogue form of communication!   For many special operations such as public security and police, it is also through the walkie-talkie! In some scenarios, it is necessary to communicate without a network signal, and the people who use the walkie-talkie are relatively fixed, and there will not be too many changes, so the walkie-talkie is more convenient. It can also establish a connection for communication faster! This is not available on mobile phones!   Then maybe some mobile phone manufacturers can consider adding a walkie-talkie function to the mobile phone, but this does not mean that the mobile phone can still replace the walkie-talkie!   Because there are walkie-talkies that need to be held, and there are also those that are connected to a headset and are portable! The mobile phone is not portable in some scenarios, especially when the hands are occupied and you need to make a call. Perhaps many manufacturers of Bluetooth headsets can consider creating Bluetooth headsets with walkie-talkie functions for special operations!   But having said that, walkie-talkies are required in professional scenarios. Many enterprises and institutions have frequent communication needs in fixed places, such as issuing instructions, such as reporting the situation in a timely manner, for example, in special scenarios, the network signal is relatively weak, such as communication needs. Especially timely, without a few seconds of delay. Then the walkie-talkie is definitely the best choice.   For example, the observers of the ...
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  • What is the principle of nationwide PoC radio?
    What is the principle of nationwide PoC radio? on 2023-01-05
    The nationwide PoC walkie-talkie is also called public network walkie-talkie. The main selling point is that there are no restrictions on distance group calls, group calls, single calls, and high-definition sound quality across the country. There is a built-in mobile phone card with 4G signal, most of which are for telecommunications, and it is a kind of data card, which cannot make calls or send text messages. It is true that it is better than traditional walkie-talkies. But for the same PoC walkie-talkie, there are still many ways inside. For example, I bought two experimental units at the beginning, which were from Motorola, and they were very good in every aspect. Fortunately, I found out that they were OEM, and Motorola had never produced this model. Later, I found out that the same style of walkie-talkie was posted with several different brands, and I realized that this industry is quite deep. The cheaper the walkie-talkie, the more it advertises that it will be free for life. These are basically liars, and they are all small platforms. The good ones can be used for a year, and the unlucky ones can't be used for a month. Moreover, there is a shortcoming of the nationwide PoC walkie-talkie. If you want to buy it later, you can only find him, otherwise you will not be able to connect to the same network. Therefore, when buying a PoC walkie-talkie, the first thing to look at is the platform, and then the brand. PoC walkie-talkie on the same platform can all communicate in a network, and walkie-talkies of different brands are fine, as long as the platforms are the same.
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