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  • Introduction of general function parameters of radio
    Introduction of general function parameters of radio on July 3,2023.
    Radios are ubiquitous devices in our modern world, powering communication across various industries and sectors. Whether used in emergency services, transportation, or everyday life, radios play a vital role in keeping us connected. To fully understand and utilize these devices, it is crucial to grasp the general function parameters that govern their operation. This article aims to introduce and explore the fundamental parameters that characterize radios, providing an overview of their essential functionalities. Frequency Range: The frequency range is a fundamental parameter that determines the operational capabilities of a radio. It refers to the range of frequencies over which the radio can transmit and receive signals. Radios operate within different frequency bands, such as UHF (Ultra High Frequency) or VHF (Very High Frequency). Each frequency band has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on factors like transmission distance, signal penetration, and interference considerations. Transmitter Power Output: The transmitter power output, typically measured in watts (W), indicates the strength of the radio signal being transmitted. Higher power output generally allows for longer transmission distances and better signal penetration through obstacles. However, it is important to adhere to regulatory requirements and ensure that the power output of radios complies with legal limits to avoid interference with other users and systems. Modulation: Modulation refers to the process of encoding information onto a radio signal. It allows for the transmission of audio, data, or other forms of information. Common modulation techniques include amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM), and phase modulation (PM). Each modulation method has its advantages and is chosen based on factors such as signal quality, bandwidth efficiency, and interference resistance. Channel Spacing and Bandwidth: Channel spacing refers to the separation between adjacent channels in a radio frequency band. It ensures that different radio transmissions do not interfere with each other. Proper channel spacing is essential for efficient spectrum utilization and effective communication. Bandwidth, on the other hand, refers to the range of frequencies occupied by a particular transmission. It determines the amount of information that can be transmitted within a given time. Squelch: Squelch is a feature that eliminates or mutes background noise when there is no ongoing transmission. It ensures that the radio only produces audio when a signal is received, improving clarity and reducing distractions. Squelch is adjustable, allowing users to set the threshold at which background noise is suppressed. Signal Encryption: Signal encryption is an important feature for ensuring secure communication by encoding transmitted information. It prevents unauthorized individuals from intercepting and understanding sensitive or confidential messages. Encryption algorithms and ke...
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  • Application of walkie-talkies in some occasions
    Application of walkie-talkies in some occasions on July 1,2023.
    Generally speaking, there are many industries that benefit from the use of walkie-talkies to make work more convenient. 1. Business radio Meetings are attended by many people, and sometimes it can be crowded because of too many people. Key attendees or VIPs or staff may need to be found when needed. In an emergency, you can also quickly contact security personnel. A large conference, with two way radio, so as to be unified and effective organization success. 2. Farm radio No matter how big the farm, the use of two way radio will greatly increase the convenience. Agricultural activities sometimes in more remote areas, the signal may not be very good. In this way, if they all use walkie-talkies, staff scattered in different places can quickly ask for help at any time or tell them where and what to do. If driving, you can also use the car radio, you can also carry out GPS positioning, more accurate to find the place. If there is an emergency such as animal injury, it can also notify rescue quickly. Many agricultural facilities are relatively large, prone to accidents, if there is no walkie-talkie, in remote places, even if the call is difficult to be known by others to rescue. More intelligent radio, in the place of signal, you can not limit the distance radio, in the place of no signal, you can also short-distance radio. 3. Hotel radio Hotels need a lot of staff to clean rooms and serve guests. Walkie-talkies can be used for all staff, including scheduling from the front desk to the guest rooms, to the deployment of security work, emergency prevention.With headphones and other accessories, it can not only keep the space quiet, but also grasp the information of the room at any time, which can make the service more perfect. 4. Construction industry radios When it comes to the construction industry, there is a sense of staff holding two way radio. The construction industry tends to have more dispersed workers and special work locations. Often need to cooperate with each other, whether it is for safe production or rapid equipment feedback, is very important. 5. Security radio Security work is generally distributed in different areas, whether separated or in the crowd, from all directions or different areas to ensure the overall work. Therefore, real-time communication and cooperation are needed. In fact, walkie-talkies are ubiquitous, economical and practical, and are an essential communication tool in our daily lives.
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  • Advantages of marine radios compared to mobile phones
    Advantages of marine radios compared to mobile phones on 2023-06-30
    Nowadays, network coverage area is getting larger and larger, mobile phones can receive signals even in the near sea.But after asking a lot of customers, it was learned that the most used communication tool on the ship was the marine radio, not the mobile phone. Mobile phones are used more as an entertainment tool, and of course as a secondary communication tool. To cite SenHaiX 5700 as example. So what exactly leads customers to make this choice?When it comes to communication at sea, mariners rely on reliable and dedicated devices to ensure safety and efficiency. While mobile phones have revolutionized communication on land, marine radios remain an essential tool for seafarers. These radios offer distinct advantages over mobile phones in maritime environments, providing reliable coverage, safety features, ease of use, and compliance with international regulations. In this article, we will explore the unique advantages of marine radios and explain why they are crucial for effective communication on the water. Dedicated Marine Frequencies and Coverage: Marine radios operate on dedicated frequency bands specifically allocated for maritime communication. The most common bands include Very High Frequency (VHF) and Single Sideband (SSB). These dedicated frequencies are monitored by coast guard stations, maritime authorities, and other vessels, ensuring reliable, interference-free communication. In contrast, mobile phones rely on terrestrial cellular networks and may have limited coverage offshore or in remote areas, leaving mariners without reliable connectivity. Safety Features and Distress Calls: Marine radios are equipped with safety features designed to enhance the overall safety of mariners. One of the most critical features is the ability to make distress calls. By using the Digital Selective Calling (DSC) feature, mariners can transmit an emergency signal with their precise position to nearby vessels and Coast Guard stations. This immediate and widespread alert can significantly expedite rescue operations during emergencies. Mobile phones, on the other hand, lack these dedicated features for maritime distress calling. Battery Life and Durability: Operating in a marine environment can be physically demanding, and equipment must be able to withstand harsh conditions. Marine radios are built to be rugged and durable, providing resistance to water, shock, and vibrations. They also have long battery life, allowing continuous communication throughout extended trips at sea. Mobile phones, while capable of handling everyday tasks, are generally not designed to withstand the rigors of the marine environment and may have limited battery life, especially when used for extended periods. Ease of Use and Simplicity: Marine radios are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. They feature large buttons and intuitive controls, enabling quick operation, even in challenging conditions or during emergencies. The user interface is purpose-built for marine ...
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  • What are the advantages of high-power two way radios?
    What are the advantages of high-power two way radios? on June 29,2023.
    Nowadays, with the rapid development of the communication market, all walks of life have begun to use two way radios, and different types of series two way radios are produced due to various important requirements. Such as: high quality radio, high power radio, explosion-proof radio, waterproof radio and so on. Today we mainly discuss high-power radios, for you to introduce the advantages of high-power radios: First, strong diffraction ability. If there is a special obstacle blocking the radio waves of the radios, then the radios cannot communicate with each other. The signal transmission of the two way radio uses radio waves, and when special obstacles are encountered in the transmission process of the radio waves, they will be bypassing, we call it diffraction. The stronger the diffraction, the better the communication. Like in a mountainous city, you need a two way radio with strong diffraction ability. There are more mountain city intended to choose high-power radios when purchasing. Second, the communication distance is far. The communication between two way radios, in the case of a long distance to ensure that communication is unimpeded, is of great help to the work. If you want to talk to people at the top of the mountain, but it doesn't work, it will affect your work efficiency. Third, strong penetration ability. The signal from a high-powered radio can travel through obstacles. Although high-power radios are good, but there are also places that must be noted, the current law stipulates that ordinary citizens in the purchase of two way radios (power of more than 0.5W), you must go to the local wireless communication management agency for the establishment of the station procedures, if you do not go through the procedures to directly use high-power radios are illegal use. Therefore, pay attention to whether the frequency of the two way radio meets the requirements of the country. Now some people like to travel when equipped with high-power radios, when climbing, can communicate with each other. Some of them in the purchase of high-power radios, and do not pay attention to the scope of civilian radios, and did not think to go to the relevant departments to register the station, it is easy to illegal use. It is not difficult to see the advantages of high-power radios are very obvious, in the use and purchase need to heed that do not use illegally.
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  • What kind of two way radio should you choose when hiking
    What kind of two way radio should you choose when hiking on June 28,2023.
    Nowadays,  many people pay attention to the healthy lifestyle, many travelers will choose to travel or climb the mountain to relax, there are unpredictable dangers and situations in the middle of the mountain, this time tourists will choose a communication equipment, through the two way radio and external communication or teammates, then how to choose the two way radio has become a lot of tourists trouble. At present, the two way radios sold on the market generally have several types of business, family, sports and leisure, people can choose different power, different performance and different shapes of the two way radios according to demand. In the case of occlusion, the two way radio should choose a product with a relatively low working band. Radio waves are actually a kind of light, only at a much lower frequency. When an electromagnetic wave encounters an obstacle, if its wave is smaller than the size of the obstacle in the long run, it will be reflected, absorbed and blocked. If the wavelength is close to the scale of the obstacle, it will be scattered, but some of it will propagate through diffraction. When the wavelength is larger than the obstacle scale, diffraction propagation is the main component, so it will not be blocked. Specifically, managers of hotels and entertainment venues can choose business radios, which can enable managers to talk with related employees such as the foreman when answering customer calls; Equipment installation and construction enterprises can choose two way radios with noise-cancellinhg function (such as SenHaiX N301) to remote control field command; Tour guides of travel agencies can choose two way radios with large power and many channels to contact scenic spots, restaurants, drivers and so on in time. Two way radios used for hiking or field trips generally hope that the diffraction characteristics are better, so the working frequency band is lower.
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  • Advantages of digital radios
    Advantages of digital radios on June 25,2023.
    In recent years, with the continuous innovation and development of wireless communication technology and the rapid rise of users' demand for wireless radio experience, the basic voice communication function achieved by traditional analog radios has long been unable to meet the increasingly rich user needs. Compared with analog radios, digital radios have many performance advantages. It can help significantly improve the reliability, flexibility and intelligence of users' wireless communications. First of all: The most obvious advantage of digital radios is that they can comprehensively improve the efficiency of frequency utilization, so as to meet the needs of more users. When the channel spacing is adjusted from 25kHz to 12.5kHz, the frequency utilization rate of the walkie-talkie is doubled, and the digital radio using TDMA technology carries two voice channels in one channel, which makes the channel capacity four times as a whole. Second: Compared with analog radios, the error correction technology of digital radios improves the effective communication distance and voice clarity of the two way radios, and the digital processing technology of digital radios also effectively inhibits background noise; Enable users to have a better call experience. Third: While providing unparalleled high-quality voice calls, digital systems can also bring users more privacy, with up to 16 million user ID codes and digital voice, digital systems achieve better private call functions; Fourth: In terms of management and scheduling, single-call, group call and full call functions have significantly improved the efficiency of group call scheduling management, while many digital applications such as GPS and text messaging have also changed the traditional command and scheduling methods to varying degrees, making the wireless radio communication between teams more flexible and convenient. Advantage five: In addition, the use of TDMA technology can also save enterprises in equipment investment, and extend the use of battery time. In the past, the emergence of new technologies has a huge impact on enterprise operations and IT budgets, and digital radios compatible with analog technology will help enterprises smoothly through the transition period and maximize the savings of enterprise equipment investment.At the same time, the increase of channel capacity was also significantly reduce the cost of the hardware investment; On the other hand, the TDMA digital system divides the power-consumption transmission into two independent time slots, and compared with the analog system of the same power, each transmission only uses half of the battery power, thus extending the overall battery time of the two way radio by 40%. In addition to the digital radio features listed above, digital communication systems and solutions can also effectively expand the range of communication and achieve multi-channel, multi-team collaborative communication while limiting the use of illegal users. ...
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  • What is explosion-proof radio, explosion-proof radio purchase precautions
    What is explosion-proof radio, explosion-proof radio purchase precautions on June 24,2023.
    Today, I will introduce to you a kind of two way radio that appears in our lives - explosion-proof radio. So you will feel very strange, why add the word explosion-proof? How does it work?  What is the difference between this explosion-proof radio and ordinary radio? Explosion-proof radios are generally used in what environment? Generally will be engaged in what industry to use the explosion-proof radio? We know that two way radios are used in many jobs, such as some police, traffic police, as well as hotels and so on. Two way radios can communicate with each other better and faster, so that the other party can understand the intelligence in time. Let's first talk about what is the difference between explosion-proof radios and ordinary radios, although there is no obvious difference in the appearance of explosion-proof radios and ordinary radios, the biggest difference is in the physical principle of two types of two way radios and some raw materials used in production are very different. As to why it's explosion-proof. Explosion-proof radio is not to say that this type of two way radio is to prevent explosion, but to say that this type of two way radio can be used to work in the environment of dangerous gases. We know that two way radios need electromagnetic waves to convey people's output signals, but people's output signals are strictly alternating between electric and magnetic fields, in the process of alternating between each other, it will be easy to generate charged sparks that are harmful to the human body. The explosion-proof radios, because it works when the line has gone through some special physical changes, when the signal begins to transmit, the area that is prone to sparks harmful to the human body is directly shielded. Principle of explosion-proof radio There is no difference in principle, but there is some difference in the power supply. Explosion-proof radios use intrinsically safe power sources. Intrinsic safety power supply is positive and negative electrode connection does not produce sparks. The reason is the maximum current is controlled. Explosion-proof radio features Explosion-proof radios and civil radios are different, in addition to the high performance of working in special environments, the same needs to have other advanced functions. It can achieve a clearer and louder voice quality, and maintain unobstructed communication links even in noisy environments.
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  • What is a two way radio or walkie talkie ?
    What is a two way radio or walkie talkie ? on June 21,2023.
    The term “two way radio” is often used in conjunction with the term “walkie talkie”, but are they the same? Essentially yes. Both are devices that transmit and receive signals, hence being called a “two-way radio”. However a walkie walkie is a handheld radio, whereas the term two way radio also applies to mobile radios, or vehicle radios, which are not held in the hand. In today’s consumer world the term walkie talkie is more widely used in describing a handheld two way radio, but can often mislead one into picturing a child’s toy rather than a professionally used radio. In this case, a walkie talkie would refer to a license free radio, something that can be purchased and used straight from the box. It has low power so the distance the radio will reach is not very far compared to a higher power licensed radio. A license free radio, can be used in most areas. There are a range of models, from cheap toys to professional units. Our range of License Free radios consists of some basic models intended for use with the general public for basic communications; to high-spec digital models for those needing crystal clear audio and extra features; including mid-end user friendly models that are either general specification or much more hard wearing. A more professional idea is conveyed from the term two way radio and is more widely used in the consumer market to refer to higher power, longer range licensed radios. These can also come in a very basic form similar to a walkie talkie; however they are generally more durable in design. You can also enhance a signal with a licensed two way radio using an extendable antenna or vehicle mounted antenna, which you cannot do with a license free radio as the antenna is fixed. Our range of Licensed radios consist of simple, easy to use models; digital, high-spec models; and heavy duty, waterproof models. Each model in our licensed range is available with an “Easy Licensing” option, which means we take the headache out of applying for the right license and programming radios with the correct frequencies, making things much simpler for you.
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  • Why do we need two way radios at important events?
    Why do we need two way radios at important events? on June 20,2023.
        Public network radio is the use of operators of the wireless data network as a transmission channel to achieve the functions of the traditional radio, outstanding advantages, it is not limited by distance, as long as there is a carrier signal can be called through, can be nationwide or even global.     Public network radio usually contains the following parts: public network radio terminal (two way radio), mobile data card, platform account, and platform server. Public network radio has three main advantages: first, wide coverage, almost no distance limit; The second is low cost, using the public network, saving costs; Third, it can also transmit video images, through the on-site scheduling command of the two way radio, effectively ensure the operation of the activity, so that the commander of the activity site can understand the activity site at a glance, can deal with all emergencies, and effectively ensure the smooth progress of the activity.     Large events can consider the use of portable and compact radios. Voice anti-interference ability is good, electric resistance, voice control launch free hands and other functions. Nowadays, a distinctive feature of modern large-scale performance activities is that the scale is huge, there are many performances and technical departments participating, the command and coordination relationship is complex, and the call volume is large. The function, reliability and real-time requirements of the communication system have been greatly improved than in the past. It is necessary to establish a communication command and dispatch system with high technology, high standard, high reliability, high efficiency, high security and complete functions.     Take performance activities as an example, the internal communication system of large-scale performance activities needs to be guaranteed in many aspects, including the general command system of the chief director and the executive director, the internal communication system of the technical, production, performance and logistics teams, the command system of the general command system to the technical, production and performance departments, and the broadcast system of the actors. A comprehensive platform involving wired systems, wireless systems and broadcast systems. Therefore, the common practice is to use a matrix calling system that can integrate wired and wireless systems as the basis.     Among them, each wired and wireless sub-system accesses the call matrix through different interfaces and interface devices, and manages the cross-connection relationship of each input and output port of the control matrix through a computer. The matrix system is a four-wire system, which generally sets up a master matrix to manage the main wired and wireless interfaces. In order to ensure the reliability of the system, the redundant design of double fiber ring network must be adopted in the multi-matrix design, which has...
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  • Is 10W two way radio really good?
    Is 10W two way radio really good? on June 19,2023.
    Nowadays, there are many claims of 8W, 10W two way radios, saying that its power is large and the communication distance is far. As everyone knows, the radiation value of 10W radios is 20 times that of mobile phones. And there are still many online and offline stores to sell this kind of high-power radiation exceeded the radio, sales are still good. If you have purchased this kind of radio, be sure to understand what harm the use of radiation exceeded the standard radio has. The radiation value of our commonly used mobile phones is still within the normal range, but if the radiation increases 20 times, it has exceeded the normal value, we still dare to use it every day? In the same way, the radiation of 12W and 15W radios will be higher. After the long-term use of radio with excessive radiation, even a healthy body will get worse because the body will be exposed to high radiation for a long time. Moreover, there are many facts that long-term exposure to radiation can cause pituitary dysfunction and many other nerve irritations. These changes eventually affect the entire body, causing a range of adverse symptoms. So how do we buy a regular brand radio? 1. The state regulations: wireless handheld radio maximum power is not allowed to exceed 5W. Remember this, regular radio manufacturers can not produce more than 5W radio.         2. Correctly query the code on the radio model approval certificate. The approval code of the radio is issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the State, only the radio that meets the national standard will have, the approval code will be hit on the back plane of the machine at the factory, and the radio that has the approval code can pass the inspection of the machine without the committee. So, everyone will think 10W high power radio good? When we buy radios, we must remember that we can not only see the advantages of high power and long communication distance promoted by businesses, while ignoring its security issues.
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