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  • Which fields are two way radios mainly used in
    Which fields are two way radios mainly used in on April 28,2023.
    Two way radio is mainly used in public security, civil aviation, transportation, water conservancy, railway station, manufacturing, construction, service and other industries, for communication and command and dispatch between group members, to improve the communication efficiency and improve the ability to deal with emergencies. As two way radios enter the civil market, people go out to travel, shopping also began to use more and more two way radios. The routine maintenance of tow way radio 1. After long-term use of the two way radio, it is easy to get dirty by pressing the key, control knob and housing. Please remove the control knob from the two way radio and clean the housing with neutral lotion (do not use strong corrosive chemicals) and wet cloth. The use of chemicals such as decontamination agents, alcohol, sprays or petroleum preparations may cause damage to the surface and housing of the two way radio. 2. Handle the two way radio gently. Do not move the antenna. 3. If accessories are not applicable, please cover with dustproof cover (if equipped). Two way radio safety precautions 1. In a car with an airbag, do not place the two way radio within the range that the airbag may be involved when deployed. If the two way radio is in the area that may be involved when the airbag deploys, once the airbag deploys rapidly, the intercom may injure people in the car with great impact. 2. In the atmosphere or occasion of potential explosion, unless the two way radio is specially certified, it must be turned off. In potentially explosive atmospheres, electrical sparks can cause an explosion or fire. 3. Do not replace batteries or charge batteries in potentially explosive atmospheric environments. Installing and removing the battery may cause an explosion. 4. In the vicinity of the blasting area and the area where the detonator is located, the two way radio must be turned off first to avoid possible explosion. Two way radio operation precautions 1. When the intercom is transmitting, keep the two way radio in a vertical position and keep the microphone 2.5-5cm away from the mouth. The two way radio should be at least 2.5 cm from the head or body at launch. If a handheld radio is carried on the body, the antenna should be at least 2.5 cm away from the body when it is launched. 2, in the process of use do not turn on and off the action for many times, at the same time to adjust the volume to suit your hearing volume. Precautions for battery use 1. Use original or approved batteries. 2. All batteries may cause damage or personal injury if metallic conductors such as jewelry, keys, or beads touch the bare electrodes of the battery. Be careful with charged batteries, especially when carrying them in pockets, wallets, or other metal containers 3, Antenna can not be screwed off, otherwise it is easy to burn the power tube when transmitting. 4. Do not use damaged antennas. Minor burns may occur if the damaged antenna comes into contact with skin during transmis...
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  • What are the uses of two way radios?
    What are the uses of two way radios? on 2023-02-22
    Traditional application Two way radio is mainly used in public security, civil aviation, transportation, water conservancy, railway, manufacturing, construction, service and other industries, for communication and command and dispatch between group members, to improve the communication efficiency and improve the rapid response ability to deal with emergencies. As two way radios enter the civil market, people go out to travel, shopping also began to use more and more radios. In addition, there are some special occasions to use the radio, such as explosion-proof two way radio, waterproof radio, police intercom.Mobole radio can also be included in the use of intercom category. Access control radio With the progress of science and technology, two way radio is more and more widely used in the security industry, access control intercom system is produced in this way. The access control radio is to apply the two way radio to the access control system. Users can make calls or video communications through the two way radio. The access control intercom system mainly consists of the intercom host, intercom extension, UPS power supply, electric control lock, and door closing device. According to the type can be divided into direct press type, digital type, digital type household pass, direct press type visual intercom, digital type visual intercom, digital type household pass visual intercom, etc Intercom host Intercom host is the building intercom system control essential part, each extension of the transmission signal and electric lock control signal are controlled by the host, its circuit board using vibration reduction installation, and moisture-proof treatment, anti-vibration moisture-proof ability is very strong, and with night lighting device, beautiful appearance, generous. Intercom extension Intercom extension is a kind of intercom, generally with the host intercom, household-connected building intercom system with the host into a set of internal telephone system can complete the system of user telephone contact, more convenient to use, it is divided into visual extension, non-visual extension. With electric lock control function and monitoring function, generally installed at the door of the user's home, the main convenience of residents and visitors to talk to each other. UPS power supply Its main function is to keep the building intercom system power. Normally, it is charged. When a power failure occurs, the UPS power supply is in the state of supplying power to the system. Building intercom system, manufacturers generally do not use UPS battery, mainly visual system power consumption is too large, general small capacity UPS battery can not ensure the use of time! Electric control lock Its internal structure is mainly composed of electromagnetic mechanism. As long as the user presses the electric lock key on the extension, the electromagnetic coil can be energized, so that the electromagnetic mechanism drives the connecting rod action, and the do...
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  • Several significant advantages of digital radios
    Several significant advantages of digital radios on April 26,2023.
    Two way radio in the design technology, can be divided analog radio (that is, we common traditional walkie-talkie) and digital radio. Analog radios modulate the stored signal to the transmission frequency of the two way radios, while digital radios digitize the voice information and transmit it in the form of digital encoding, that is, all the modulation on the transmission frequency of the two way radios is digital. Digital radios have the advantages of countermeasures, clear voice, high confidentiality, narrow channel bandwidth, and stronger data transmission ability.In the global high-end market two way radio, SenhaiX communication solutions to fully meet the business needs of commercial customers, in the process of analog to digital plays an important role, has been for hotel properties, large business, major events and other users to provide a clear and reliable digital communication solutions. The advantages of digital radios over analog radios are shown in the following aspects: First, the traditional analog radio is a communication mode in which the voice, signaling and signal are modulated to the carrier frequency of the walkie talkie by means of continuous wave and optimized by amplification. It has the advantages of mature technology, perfect system and relatively low cost. Second, digital radio is the voice signal digitization, in a specific digital encoding and a specific form of baseband modulation, and the use of digital signal processor to optimize the digital communication mode. First, spectrum resources can be better used. Similar to cellular digital technology, digital radios can load more users on a given channel and improve spectrum utilization. This is a solution to frequency congestion.Second, improve the quality of calls. With in-system error correction capabilities, digital communication technologies can achieve better voice and audio quality over a wider range of signal environments than analog radios, receiving audio with less noise and clearer sound. Third, improve voice and data integration, and change the weakness that control signals decrease with the increase of communication distance. Compared with similar integrated analog voice and data system, digital intercom can provide better data processing and interface functions, so that more data applications can be integrated into a two-way wireless communication system, voice and data service integration is more perfect, more convenient. With the development of radio communication technology, people's demand for wireless communication quality and frequency spectrum resources are increasingly lacking, digital radio will have a huge market demand. At present, the domestic demand for digital walkie-talkies is also increasing. Senhaix is the equipment provider of medium and high-end radios. Especially, many customers in the catering and hotel industries prefer our digital radios because they are thin, small and have a variety of security application functions. The unique f...
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  • How useful can two way radios be in various situations
    How useful can two way radios be in various situations on 2023-02-11
    First, public security/fire/forestry In the face of public safety practitioners scattered across a wide range of work surfaces, with irregular working hours, you have undertaken the most challenging and responsible task? How do you ensure that the contact between team members and command center and between team members is maintained at all times? The answer is to equip everyone with reliable radios. They are durable and easy to communicate, enough to ensure smooth teamwork and collaboration, as you want to improve combat effectiveness. Second, the construction industry Emphasizing the quality of the two way radio for you to bring higher efficiency and more secure security. Whether directing the crane or dispatching the pipeline handling, pressing a button will immediately connect you with the project supervisor, ensuring effective communication and coordination. If necessary, it can even go directly to the hospital to ensure that the accident on the scene is handled efficiently. Third, the hotel Convenient communication is the basic guarantee for the smooth development of the daily business of hotel service and management personnel. According to the needs of customers, the "indoor distribution and coverage system" is designed to realize the clear voice communication without blind areas, interference and can be carried out at any time in any place within the hotel, improving the work efficiency of hotel staff. Fourth, property Aiming at the communication needs of large property (community) for wireless communication and security scheduling, reasonable solutions should be formulated to provide the community with a set of cost-effective wireless coverage communication solutions with reliable communication, simple construction and convenient expansion. Meet the needs of property management, security, fire protection and emergency communication in the community, and ensure the smooth, safe and efficient daily work of management, operation, maintenance and other departments. Fifth, security Security is very important, tailored for the event to design a complete set of operational support and on-site service solutions, the solution uses high-performance commercial digital products, the use of efficient spectrum data, for the event organizers of high-density command and dispatch, communication to provide a strong communication guarantee, so that the walkie-talkie play an irreplaceable role in each event. Sixth. Supermarkets According to the large shopping mall/property covers a large area, the structure is complex, and the underground parking lot makes the communication and cooperation of the shopping mall/property staff extremely inconvenient, a set of wireless communication system which is convenient for communication, smooth communication and convenient management is developed to assist the improvement of work efficiency and management level, so that the supermarket can provide customers with quality service. Seventh. Transportation No matter the freq...
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  • Why do I be a HAM?
    Why do I be a HAM? on April 24,2023.
    Two way radio, we are not unfamiliar, hotel and KTV waiters, parking lot security, site workers and other manpower, such a scene description may appear to be not regal; The policeman on duty, the director of the production, the director of the studio and the soldier in the field wear a two way radio with great swagger. Being a radio enthusiast, and walkie-talkies are just one of the most commonly used portable radio stations. Unlike the previous scenarios, some people mostly used it to study radio technology, road trips and the outdoors. Rather than use in the course of work. Walking on the street with a two way radio, people around with eyes after a look, in the heart to think: this is thesafeguard? Is this parking control or an undercover cop? In fact, I'm just a HAM, and I'm studying the communication test with other enthusiasts like me. Not only that, my car is also equipped with a mobile radio. While driving, or on a road trip, you can also enjoy the pleasure of communicating, of course, compared to radio amateurs. And self-driving tour enthusiasts, through the radio to communicate, to ensure driving safety and efficiency. Moreover, the power of mobile radio is generally higher than that of handheld two way radio, after all, there is sufficient power supply guarantee in the car, the power demand is large. Many of his fellow radio operators are often treated as security guards, parking wardens and waiters. Many people have asked me, what is the use of this radio? Who are you talking to with this? What do you often use it for? ... It's easy to see how isolated radio amateurs are from the people around them. There is also a view that the purpose of this thing is not to flaunt, to be cool? A radio amateur once in the park field set up DX (short wave long-distance communication), the result is attracted to a myriad of pedestrains, and the police received the alarm reason is "spy in secret send information!" . Fortunately, that dude carried the radio operating certificate and radio license at that day, after careful examination by the police, to ensure that nothing was wrong before closing the case. From this point of view, it is really difficult for ordinary people to understand the group of daily tinkering with the radio station is doing: talking to who? What is it about? Were they talking about Bravo Golf and QXX in secret service language? Indeed, the behaviour of radio enthusiasts is not as easily understood by those around them as that of fishing, photography or painting music lovers. In fact, although the number of radio amateurs in China has grown very fast in recent years, it still accounts for a very low proportion compared with some European and American countries. As of 2015, there were only over 60,000 radio amateurs legally registered in China, including grade A, B and C. According to the data, the top three countries in the number of radio enthusiasts are Japan, the United States and Germany. Among them, the largest number of radio ...
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  • How do amateurs choose the right radio
    How do amateurs choose the right radio on April 20,2023.
    Two way radio is the main tool for amateur radio communication. HAM hopes to have a high-performance radio system to send out strong radio waves and receive 59+ complimentary signal reports from the other side. Different products have different properties. Today I'll take you together to comb a variety of walkie-talkie comparison: Amateur radios VS Professional radios Many new HAM envied professional radios at first, believing that professional intercoms used by the military and police had high performance and long communication distance, while amateur radios, since they were used by amateur individuals, naturally had poor performance. In fact, the professional and amateur in the two way radio does not mean the professional degree of manufacturing technology but the user group is different, amateur radio is not a toy. Different user groups have different application characteristics and needs. The same function may be essential for one type of users and cumbersome for another. For example, amateur radios generally provide the function of direct input of the frequency keyboard. For HAM, this is a very necessary and convenient function. You can directly input the frequency just like making a phone call. Professional users use a handful of fixed frequency points, and the call is also in the inner circle, the preset channel can completely do not need to enter the frequency temporarily, the keyboard to change the frequency function may also cause misoperation to change the current communication frequency, resulting in the failure of communication. Many industry users who use professional radios don't even have a concept of frequency. Two way radios are just a communication tool like mobile phones. Setting the frequency was a pleasure for HAM, a hobbyist, but for business users it was a tedious technical task that required a professional to do, so most professional radios were designed to be computer programming dummies as easy to use as possible, but also easy to manage. In terms of function, amateur radios are definitely more powerful than professional radios. Amateur radios generally have functions such as frequency display, manual panel frequency adjustment, frequency scanning, received signal strength display, multi-gear output power switching, etc., which are lacking in professional walkie-talkies, not to mention advanced functions of amateur models such as dual-band operation, broadband expansion reception, dual-receive channel waiting, etc. Some brand enthusiasts say that some foreign new high-end professional radios can increase panel frequency setting function FPP. There is still a big difference between FPP and amateur radio's VFO mode, which freely uses the frequency. FPP is just equivalent to providing manual channel programming without computer programming. Moreover, even professional radios with FPP function still cannot carry out continuous frequency scanning. The scanning function of professional machines is limited to preprogrammed fix...
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  • Advanced techniques for using two way radios
    Advanced techniques for using two way radios on April 18,2023.
    Today, I will mainly talk about some advanced skills and precautions for the use of two way radio, as well as the introduction of key knowledge points such as the skills and steps of the two way radio function setting. Advanced techniques for using two way radios 1, receive/send different frequencies: Receiving and transmitting can be at the same or different frequencies. In general, receiving/transmitting at different frequencies has higher communication quality than receiving/transmitting at the same frequency. Setting method: First, switch the operation mode of the intercom to the frequency mode, and first program frequency; Then use the "function key + number key" to call up the setting function of receiving/sending different frequencies, generally there are two or three options: +, -, same frequency. "+", the transmitting frequency is higher than the receiving frequency based on the current receiving frequency; The so-called "-" means that the transmitting frequency is lower than the receiving frequency. Select "+" or "-" according to whether the transmitting frequency is higher or lower than the receiving frequency. Then adjust the function of frequency setting by "function key + digital key", and set this value as the difference between the required receiving and transmitting frequencies (e.g. The receiving frequency is 145.35, and the transmitting frequency is 144.35. The transmitting frequency is 1M lower than the receiving frequency, so it should be set as "-" and the difference frequency value should be 1M). Then, the above data is stored according to the channel storage method, that is to realize the receiving/sending of different frequencies. Some machines have two storage keys for the receiving frequency and the transmitting frequency. At this time, first switch to the frequency mode, input the receiving frequency and store with the receiving storage key, and then input the transmitting frequency and store with the transmitting storage key. 2.CTCSS: In the field of walkie-talkies whic used by our normal people, simple communication encryption can be achieved by the following methods: (1) Analog encryption: In the normal transmission of the signal attached to another human ear can not hear the audio signal, said the audio signal isCTCSS, sending and receiver set CTCSS frequency should be the same. When the sender attached a CTCSS, only after receiving the same signal, the receiver can open the front stage of the noise circuit, so that the signal is transmitted to the backward stage circuit, demodulation of the normal audio signal, the user can hear the normal audio; Otherwise, if the receiver does not set the CTCSS or does not match the frequency of the sender's CTCSS, it can not open the noise circuit, of course, it can not hear the normal audio signal. Setting method: First set the communication frequency; Then press the "function key + digital key" to call out the CTCSS setting operation; Then adjust the CTCSS as needed; Store to ...
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  • The differences between  mobile phones and two way radios
    The differences between mobile phones and two way radios on April 15,2023.
    With the improvement of living standard, mobile phone has become a very important communication tool in people's life. But as a special communication tool, two way radio brings convenience to people's work and life, and is understood by more and more people. The main function of two way radios and mobile phones is voice call, but they still have many differences, mainly reflected in the following aspects. 1. Different call modes. two way radios can be used for point-to-point communication and point-to-multipoint communication. Mobile phones can only be used for point-to-point communication. 2. The different user groups. Two way radio users are mainly industrial, commercial, military, government certain systems and outdoor enthusiasts. Mobile phones are used by ordinary consumers. 3. Communication ability is different. Two way radio can not only rely on the base station to carry out ultra-long distance communication like a mobile phone, but also carry out long distance communication in a certain range apart from the base station. Mobile phones rely on base stations to communicate. 4. Different use environments. In addition to use in the daily environment, two way radios can also be used in some special environment, because the two way radios have certain anti-fall, dust-proof, waterproof functions, can also be separated from the base station in the case of long-distance communication, so that it can be used in the constructure plant, mine, outdoor, earthquake disaster areas and other environments. In order to make the mobile phone more portable design will make it smaller, it is difficult to take into account its anti-fall, dust-proof, waterproof performance, people should take certain protective measures in the process of use, such as by sticking toughened film, into the mobile phone case to protect the mobile phone is not easy to be broken. Put in a waterproof sleeve in rainy days to prevent the phone from flooding.
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  • The differences between DMR radios and normal radios
    The differences between DMR radios and normal radios on April 14,2023.
    DMR radios differ from common radios in working principle, communication mode, coverage, communication quality, and application scenarios. First of all, DMR radios use digital signal transmission technology, while ordinary radios use analog signal transmission technology. Digital signal transmission can avoid the noise and distortion in analog signal transmission, and achieve higher speech quality. In addition, digital signal transmission supports various communication modes, including point-to-point communication, group call, and broadcast, meeting communication requirements in different application scenarios. Secondly, DMR radio (GT-10D) adopts time division multiple access technology, which can realize multiple users using the same frequency at the same time, greatly improving the communication capacity. Ordinary two way  radios use analog signal transmission technology, only one user can occupy one frequency, the communication capacity is relatively small. Thirdly, DMR radio (GT-10D) has a wider coverage. Since digital signal transmission can achieve a wider coverage area with the same transmission power, DMR radios (GT-10D) can cover a wider area with the same frequency band and power. Finally, the application scenarios of DMR radios are more extensive. Because of its higher communication quality, larger communication capacity and wider coverage, DMR radio has been widely used and promoted in public safety, transportation, electric power, petrochemical and other industries. The common two way radio is more used in the field of personal consumption, such as outdoor sports, tourism, commercial use. To sum up, there are great differences between DMR radios and common radios in working principle, communication mode, coverage, communication quality and application scenarios. Because of its higher communication quality, larger communication capacity and wider coverage, DMR radio has been widely used and promoted in public safety, transportation, electric power, petrochemical and other industries.
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  • How far is the communication range of a two way radio?
    How far is the communication range of a two way radio? on April 12,2023.
    Usually a new HAM will ask how far can a certain type of two way radio call? To be honest, it's hard to explain every time I'm asked this question. At the same time, it also reflects the problem that HAM does not understand the walkie-talkie. So haow far is the communication range of a two way radio, and what should we say? Today we will briefly talk about the wireless intercom call distance. Why can't we answer the question of how far a device can be called? That's because in the field of wireless communication, there is no "distance", because there are so many factors that can affect how far a wireless signal can travel. Commonly used radio walkie-talkies generally use 130-170; Two frequency bands, 403-470, are also allowed to be used by individuals or units by national law. Under normal circumstances, the two frequencies are spread in a straight line, the sea is the marine radio ideal communication environment, generally there will be no obstacles and very little interference, but in fact, in the sea handheld can only pass about 20 nautical miles, that is because the earth is round, too far away from the middle will be blocked by the sea water. (So the higher the antenna, the farther the call will be.) Usually in urban use, obstacles are the biggest factor affecting the distance of the signal. The actual communication distance of the walkie-talkie with the power of 5W in the city is generally only within the range of 2 ~ 5km. In the high ground, more buildings or more sealed indoor, the call distance will be shorter. However, when there is a system base station support, the radio can reach more than ten kilometers or even dozens of kilometers, (if two intercom are in the height, can also reach more than ten kilometers). At the same time, due to the different frequency band characteristics of VHF and UHF, the communication effect is different. UHF is more suitable for urban use because of its higher frequency, better penetration and worse diffraction compared with VHF. On the contrary, VHF is more suitable for plain area because of its lower frequency, better diffraction and worse penetration.
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