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How to choose mobile radio? May 29,2023.

    Two way radio can be divided into handheld, mobile radio, base station and short wave station, at the same time, two way radio should be used very carefully, many of them are also involved in national security laws and regulations, some distraction can cause illegal events.  Some peple might have some doubts, because it just a radio.

    Several functions of two way radio can not be replaced by telephone. First, it does not require a network base station, can still be used in the middle of nowhere, immediacy and free of charge. Secondly, two way radios can be one-to-many, similar to group conversation, telephones seem to be more one-to-one at present.

Mobile radio

    The station needs to be installed in the car, directly from the car battery power, so it is best to use the radio to keep the vehicle in a state of fire, otherwise desolate, battery will lost power.

    The power of the mobile radio can be maintained at about 25-50W. With high-frequency antenna, the communication distance can usually be about 30km. This is no match for the handheld, which also needs to buy batteries.

So what are the factors that affect the signal?

    Usually in accordance with the height > position > power, signal influence is the biggest height, higher signal farther, no height you need to find a good position without interference, no good position, can only dry split high power.

The necessity of buying a mobille radio.

    If you're traveling in a convoy or need to keep in touch, you don't want to spend too much on phone calls or rely on a cell signal. In this case you can use the mobile radio or walkie-talkie. He doesn't need an Internet signal. In the middle of the desert, he can use electricity.

    How far can a mobile radio receive range depends on buildings or trees. If it is in an urban area, the receiving range can be 7~20 kilometers. In a suburban or rural area , it can reach 10-30 kilometers. If you're in the open Gobi or the desert. Can reach about 50 kilometers. In addition, the receiving distance can be improved by connecting to the local non-committee relay station or installing a small relay station in the car. In this way, the receiving distance can be more than doubled. 

    In addition, the height of my location will greatly affect the signal reception. The higher the geographical location, the less interference, the easier the signal will be received. It is also commonly used in civil aviation, transportation, water conservancy, railway, manufacturing, construction services and other industries, such as long-distance scheduling in factories, as well as wireless calls on giant cargo ships, to improve the efficiency of communication and improve the rapid response ability to deal with emergencies. How to install it? You can also install it without going to the 4s shop.Only need to find the instrument panel for fixed host. Then lead the line to the antenna of the car and connect the power cord to the battery of the car body. It should be noted that when connecting the power cord, the positive and negative poles should correspond to the positive and negative poles of the battery. The whole installation process will be described in the instructions.

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