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Is it legal for me to buy a two way radio online and use it? 2023-03-18

Online bought walkie-talkies, as long as the purchase channels are regular, there is no problem, are legal.The problem is usually in usage, as if you can buy a car without a license, but you need one to drive on the road. After the two way radio is bought back, if you want to use it must occupy the frequency, then the frequency spectrum resources belong to the state, use the frequency according to the national laws and regulations, such as application or lease frequency, some frequency need the corresponding license can be used, some only specific units can use, arbitrary use of frequency will be punished by the relevant national supervision and law enforcement agencies,there may even be criminal liability. In addition, our country also has clear requirements for the transmission power of the two way radio, can not be arbitrarily increased transmission power. However, as two way radios are widely used in the private sector, 409MHz is regarded as the public frequency by the state. There is no need to apply for or lease the frequency. Only the transmission power of the two way radios is ≤ 0.5W and the spurious transmitter is ≤50uW, such as Senhaix 1420. Or consider getting an amateur radio license, which is universal, so you can talk to other hams on amateur frequencies and enjoy the thrill of surfing the world on the airwaves. Finally, not all of the 409M was used on the public frequency. To be precise, it started at 409.750 and was a channel every 12.5KHz. The last channel was 409.9875.

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