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Several significant advantages of digital radios April 26,2023.

Two way radio in the design technology, can be divided analog radio (that is, we common traditional walkie-talkie) and digital radio. Analog radios modulate the stored signal to the transmission frequency of the two way radios, while digital radios digitize the voice information and transmit it in the form of digital encoding, that is, all the modulation on the transmission frequency of the two way radios is digital.

Digital radios have the advantages of countermeasures, clear voice, high confidentiality, narrow channel bandwidth, and stronger data transmission ability.In the global high-end market two way radio, SenhaiX communication solutions to fully meet the business needs of commercial customers, in the process of analog to digital plays an important role, has been for hotel properties, large business, major events and other users to provide a clear and reliable digital communication solutions.

The advantages of digital radios over analog radios are shown in the following aspects:

First, the traditional analog radio is a communication mode in which the voice, signaling and signal are modulated to the carrier frequency of the walkie talkie by means of continuous wave and optimized by amplification. It has the advantages of mature technology, perfect system and relatively low cost.

Second, digital radio is the voice signal digitization, in a specific digital encoding and a specific form of baseband modulation, and the use of digital signal processor to optimize the digital communication mode. First, spectrum resources can be better used. Similar to cellular digital technology, digital radios can load more users on a given channel and improve spectrum utilization. This is a solution to frequency congestion.Second, improve the quality of calls. With in-system error correction capabilities, digital communication technologies can achieve better voice and audio quality over a wider range of signal environments than analog radios, receiving audio with less noise and clearer sound.

Third, improve voice and data integration, and change the weakness that control signals decrease with the increase of communication distance. Compared with similar integrated analog voice and data system, digital intercom can provide better data processing and interface functions, so that more data applications can be integrated into a two-way wireless communication system, voice and data service integration is more perfect, more convenient.

With the development of radio communication technology, people's demand for wireless communication quality and frequency spectrum resources are increasingly lacking, digital radio will have a huge market demand. At present, the domestic demand for digital walkie-talkies is also increasing. Senhaix is the equipment provider of medium and high-end radios. Especially, many customers in the catering and hotel industries prefer our digital radios because they are thin, small and have a variety of security application functions. The unique features of digital radios are as follows: in appearance, the pursuit of thin and small, voice using the most advanced digital technology, automatically reduce background noise, make voice calls more clear, support dual-slot call in pass-through mode to improve the efficient use of frequency band. Call capacity doubled year over year simulation, greatly increasing productivity .SenhaiX GT 10 DMR

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