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The differences between mobile phones and two way radios April 15,2023.

With the improvement of living standard, mobile phone has become a very important communication tool in people's life.

But as a special communication tool, two way radio brings convenience to people's work and life, and is understood by more and more people.

The main function of two way radios and mobile phones is voice call, but they still have many differences, mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1. Different call modes. two way radios can be used for point-to-point communication and point-to-multipoint communication. Mobile phones can only be used for point-to-point communication.

2. The different user groups. Two way radio users are mainly industrial, commercial, military, government certain systems and outdoor enthusiasts. Mobile phones are used by ordinary consumers.

3. Communication ability is different. Two way radio can not only rely on the base station to carry out ultra-long distance communication like a mobile phone, but also carry out long distance communication in a certain range apart from the base station. Mobile phones rely on base stations to communicate.

4. Different use environments. In addition to use in the daily environment, two way radios can also be used in some special environment, because the two way radios have certain anti-fall, dust-proof, waterproof functions, can also be separated from the base station in the case of long-distance communication, so that it can be used in the constructure plant, mine, outdoor, earthquake disaster areas and other environments. In order to make the mobile phone more portable design will make it smaller, it is difficult to take into account its anti-fall, dust-proof, waterproof performance, people should take certain protective measures in the process of use, such as by sticking toughened film, into the mobile phone case to protect the mobile phone is not easy to be broken. Put in a waterproof sleeve in rainy days to prevent the phone from flooding.

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