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Is the power of the two way radio, the higher the better? 2023-04-04

Do you know? The radiation value of the 10W wireless two way radio(GT-10) is 20 times that of the mobile phone. However, there are many online and offline shops such high -power two way radio. They still sell 8W, 10W, 12W, and 15W to customers, and the sales volume is good. If you just buy this kind of walkie -talkie, please read it carefully.

The harm of using radiation exceeding the standard two way radio.

The radiation value of the 10W two way radio is 20 times that of the mobile phone. The radiation of the mobile phone is still within the normal radiation range. But when the radiation of the phone increases by 20 times, do you dare to use it every day? The rest can be done in the same manner, the radiation of 12W and 15W will be higher. The long -term use of radiation over -the -standard two way radio allows the body to be exposed to high -radiation for a long time, and the healthy body will deteriorate. Many facts prove that radiation can cause pituitary dysfunction and many other nerve stimulation. These changes eventually affect the entire body and cause a series of symptoms.

How to buy regular brand walkie -talkie?

1. State regulations, the maximum value of wireless handheld two way radio is not allowed to exceed 5 watts. Remember this, regular two way radio manufacturers cannot produce more than 5W two way radio.

2. Check the code on the approval certificate of the intercom correctly. The approval code of the two way radio is issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Only radio stations that meet the national standards will be available. The approved code when leaving the factory will be hit on the backplane of the machine. Radio with approved code can pass the non -committee's inspection aircraft. The dealers and agents of the European standards correspond to the approval certificate of the two way radio. The approval certificate of different models has the only approval code that can be queried online.

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