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Step into the magical world of radio 2023-02-14

On February 13, 2023, the world ushered in the twelfth "World Radio Day".

When it comes to radio, many people will feel mysterious and unfamiliar, but human life is increasingly inseparable from radio. From radio, television to military radar, from vehicle wireless communication, satellite communication to cellular mobile communication, new radio technologies are constantly emerging ... more and more radio applications are quietly changing our lives. Radio technology is also playing an increasingly important role in radio and television, communications, railways, transportation, aviation, aerospace, meteorology, fishery, scientific research, emergency rescue, news media, public security, armed police, military and other departments and industries. Role, let us walk into the magical wireless world together today!

1. What is radio?

The earth we live in is surrounded by electromagnetic waves, and the ubiquitous electromagnetic waves spread from small centers to all directions like water ripples. Radio waves refer to electromagnetic waves with a frequency below 3000 GHz, and use the propagation of radio waves in space to realize information. The technology of interactive transmission is called radio because it gets rid of the shackles of wires.

2. Radio Spectrum Resources

The so-called radio spectrum refers to the pedigree formed by the arrangement of various radio waves according to the frequency. The development of any radio service needs radio spectrum resources as a carrier. Although radio spectrum resources are invisible and intangible, like natural resources such as land, minerals, forests, and water resources, they are important and scarce strategic resources owned by the country, and contain huge economic, social, and military values. Over the years, the workers of my country's radio management agencies at all levels have been aggressive, pioneering and innovative, scientifically managing radio frequencies, effectively maintaining the order of air waves, and ensuring the smooth development and operation of rich and colorful radio services.

3. New Radio Technologies, New Applications

New radio technologies and applications are constantly emerging: mobile communications are rapidly updated, and 5G is gradually deployed; radio broadcasting services are moving towards broadband, digitization, and networking; the integration of radio and the Internet has opened up a vast new world, such as mobile Internet, Internet of Things, smart Radio technology and application innovations such as cities, Internet of Vehicles, mobile payment, wireless charging, and smart wearable devices are incubating a large number of strategic emerging industries, and huge economic and social values are emerging.

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