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The basic factors of buying two way radio May 15,2023.

    Wireless two way radio in the convenience of your work in addition, you can choose more and more types, so choose a reliable wireless two way radio what are the common problems?

1. Communication reliability

    The reliability of voice call of wireless radio is usually reduced due to the congestion of channel columns, but a two way radio with stable voice call characteristics can fully deal with this problem of frequency band usage. For example, many wireless radios with electronic information technology design scheme can change the language into digital coding, and make it spread on a specific wireless channel, so as to deal with the problem of smooth communication caused by the congestion of channel columns.

2. Communication spacing

    When there is no obstruction on parallel lines, the communication spacing of two way radio is positively correlated with engine power. The natural environment where the specific application is located has a variety of changes, so the selection of suitable two way radio must start from its own field of work, such as in large shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and other small areas, can use a small output power of the radio, and in the wide suburbs, seaports, with large power of the two way radio is more suitable

3. Personalization

    With the continuous development trend of the requirements of the field, China's famous brands of wireless radios are also competing to upgrade their products under the group, in order to consider their requirements for the personalized role of each field. Such as today's customers to the hotel catering service level, must use the two way radio equipment for customer service projects to maximize profits, and then provide for portable radio equipment, communication is clear; And for security personnel who often have theme activities in the outdoors, they must have anti-fall and dampproof machinery and equipment to ensure that they can keep the conversation smooth when necessary.

4. Reliable examination and approval machines and equipment

    Walkie-talkies belong to wireless electrical equipment. Each reliable radio has its own approval code, which can be seen on the rear logo of the two way radio.

    As a wireless communication equipment, wireless radio has the characteristics of rapid communication and stable data signal, which makes its consumption rapidly increased, in many civil and public places, such as property management, construction sites, outdoor and so on to obtain sufficient indoor space. Therefore, in the choice of goods, to do well on the level of mastery, can make the machine equipment do a greater use of annual interest rate.

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