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Why are two way radios still used in an age when cell phones are widely used? 2023-05-13

    Two way radio was a widely respected communication tool before the mobile phone came out. Before the invention of two way radio, people could only communicate with others face to face, which also brought great inconvenience to people's work and life. Therefore, two way radio changed people's way of communication to some extent in that era.

    Later, mobile phones were also invented by people. Compared with two way radios, mobile phones are more in line with the needs of people's daily life. In this era, mobile phones have become necessities in people's lives and contain more and more rich functions. So if cell phones are so good, why do people still use two way radios today?

    First of all, although the mobile phone is very convenient, but it also has a disadvantage, that is, the mobile phone only in the place of sufficient signal to normal communication with others, so if you go to some relatively remote places, it will inevitably encounter the mobile phone can not receive the signal, so that we have no way to call others, mobile phone traffic is no way to normal use.

    While two way radios do not exist in this aspect of trouble, even to the remote mountains, we can also use the two way radio communication smoothly. So many experienced explorers pack their bags with sturdy two way radios for themselves and their companions, so they can stay in touch even if they get lost in the woods.

    Secondly, two way radio is very convenient to use. It does not need to dial like a mobile phone. You can contact others as long as you press the button. You can only talk to one person on a cell phone, which can make communication between teams difficult, since you may need to make several calls to notify the whole team.

    But as long as there are enough two way radios, people can communicate through them at the same time, so that everyone can hear one person speaking. We also know that mobile phone calls need to pay, after all, communication operators also need to obtain profits, and only when the purchase of two way radio need to spend some money, after the use of the process is not any communication costs, so the use of radio calls can also save a lot of money.

    Finally, it is inevitable that nobody will answer the phone when we call others. In this case, we have no way to communicate with others. This is not the case with a two way radio. As long as you speak through the two way radio, the person on the other side can hear you.

So many police or security guards will carry two way radios in their daily work, so that their work efficiency can be improved.

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