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The structure of two way radio May 9,2023.


There are many kinds of antennas, such as two way radio rubber antenna, hand-held radio pull rod antenna, vehicle mounted sucker antenna, FRP omnidirectional antenna, Yagi directional antenna, and suction top antenna.

Now many two way radios are full frequency segment, 136-174M, 400-470M, although some small manufacturers known as the antenna is full segment, but it is best to distinguish the antenna high and low segment, for the full segment of the machine, frequency above 450M with 400 high antenna, frequency below 420M, Antenna with lower than 400 is much better, especially when the user on the call distance requirements, more attention should be paid to these.

The effect of ordinary tie rod antenna is not big, the length of rubber antenna is a great deal of attention, not the longer the better, if the effect is significant, MOTOROLA and other international brands why not do it?

The gap between the car suction cup antenna is very big, good to hundreds of pieces or even more than one thousand yuan, the most cheap one is just 40 yuan, it is recommended that we sell more than one hundred antenna, quality assurance, sensitivity is also higher, the distance of the sales of the platform also has a greater help, or that sentence, a good horse with a good saddle.

Channel value

Some two way radios have displays and some do not. Two way radios without displays generally have 16 channels such as Senhaix 1430, 15 regular channels and one scan channel.

Two way radios with display screens generally have 99 or 128 channels such as SenhaiX 8800 and SenhaiX 8600. Moreover, two way radios store 99 or 128 channels, maritime two way radios are generally 128 channels.


Status indicator

The status indicator of the two way radio refers to the two status indicators of transmitting and receiving. Under normal circumstances, the indicator is out when the two way radio does not work, the indicator is red when transmitting, the indicator is green when receiving, and the signal is not good when the two way radio receives, the green indicator is not always on, but irregular "jitter".

If the two way radio battery is low and it is in standby state, the red indicator blinks, indicating that the battery is low. You need to replace the battery. If you do not replace the battery in time, a beep will beep when you press the launch button of the two way radio.


Horns of two way radio have several calibers, the sound quality of the speaker and the size of the sound cavity has a large system, the sound quality of the big two way radio is better than the sound quality of the small one.


Batteries are an important part of a two way radio. A good battery for a two way radio is like a good  saddle for a good horse.

Walkie-talkie batteries can be divided into nickel cadmium battery, nickel metal hydride battery, lithium ion battery. Each of the above batteries is equipped with explosion-proof battery, ordinary battery can not be used in flammable and explosive gas environment.

Each of these batteries has its own strengths. Niccd batteries have the strongest resistance to high and low temperatures, while lithium batteries are the weakest.

Toxicity: nickel cadmium battery is the most toxic, lithium battery is relatively the lightest

Natural discharge: the monthly self-discharge of the battery is about 15%, and the general lithium battery self-discharge is the least. I suggest that the battery should be fully charged and charged in time before the self-discharge, otherwise it will affect the battery life.

Memory: nickel-cadmium battery memory is the strongest, it is best to use up after recharging, nickel-metal hydride battery second, lithium ion battery memory is the smallest, but also should be used up again, what is used up again, is the red light flashing can not be used again, overuse will damage the battery.

In terms of charging times: ni-MH compartment charge and discharge times are the least, lithium ion battery charge and discharge times are the most, generally up to 1000 times. When selling two way radios, users should be advised to pay attention to the charging details, it is best to match two batteries, reasonable use, battery life up to three years.


Charger has table charge and portable charge, there are a lot of low-end 3.6 volt battery two way radio with portable charger, but professional radio is equipped with charger, there are a lot of low side radio in order to reduce the cost, often do not transmitter.

Fast charge and slow charge, it is recommended to use slow charge, fast charge two way radio battery fast damage, charging current, charging fast, but the charging saturation is poor, charging dissatisfaction, slow charging flow is small, full time is longer, but the charging saturation is high.

Some walkie-talkies can also be equipped with car charger, said car charger, only not inserted into the mobile radio lighter to take electricity. Big brands such as MOTOROLA and Kenwood also come with a charger that can charge up to six batteries at once.


Two way radio external microphone generally has earphone, hand microphone, shoulder microphone. Earphones can be divided into earplug earphones, ear-hanging earphones and headband earphones. Earphones are divided into column type and row type from the connection mode of intercom, column type is divided into single column and double column, and double column type is divided into wide hole and narrow hole. Earphones can be divided into air vibration type, skull vibration type, throat vibration type, ear bone vibration type and so on. The biggest difference between hand and shoulder mics is that hand mics generally do not have speakers, and shoulder mics have built-in speakers. Hand and shoulder devices are not only used for talking, but also sometimes have built-in peripherals such as GPS.senhaix 8600

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