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How far is the actual communication distance of two way radio? 2023-05-05

Radio as a wireless communication tools, and mobile phone contrast has its own advantages: in the set of one-to-one, one-to-many communications, especially the characteristics of the one-to-many is ordinary mobile phone can't compare. With the continuous improvement of the basic functions and the expansion of the main uses of two way radios, two way radios are also widely used in the military, public security organs, security, rescue, public utilities and other government departments.

In addition to its application in professional fields, two way radios are also gradually entering People's Daily life. They can also be found in civil occasions such as dispatching, security, property management, construction sites and hotels in daily life.Many customers who have just contacted the two way radio often ask, how far can the radio call?There is a problem about the communication distance of the two way radio, in fact, mainly depends on the communication distance, push power, two key factors, today we will talk about how to know how far the communication distance of the two way radio is?

1. Communication spacing

Usually communication spacing within 2-3 kilometers can be regarded as short distance communication, relative to individual users, can buy civil radios. Compared with enterprise customers, they can purchase low-power radios by applying for them. If they want to ensure the actual effect of communication, they can choose professional common radios.

If you need to communicate within the city and the communication distance is within 3-10km, you can consider buying a professional walkie-talkie. The Senhaix GT-10 is a good choice. If it is further away, it is best to use the base station power and handheld radio communication, or the vehicle-mounted platform and vehicle-mounted platform communication base platform. We can use the relatively large power of the vehicle-mounted radio.Senhaix GT-10

If customers need longer distance or better communication quality, they can use cluster interphones if they do not have their own professional digital trunking . Professional digital trunkings are supported by the wireless communication Internet, so the communication distance is relatively far. Because the two way radios need the support of the Internet, if the two way radios are taken off the Internet, just like the mobile phones are taken off the Internet, even if the calls are face to face, they cannot be made.

2. Sending power

Compared with the wireless communication machine equipment, the size of the sending power is particularly important. The same wireless devices, the high sending power products and low sending power products are different from price. At the same time, the difference of sending power also directly affects the stability of wireless network data transmission.Therefore, pay attention to the size of the selected machine and device sending power, is also an important part of the whole process of selecting wireless devices.

At present, some of the push power of wireless network devices and equipment are marked directly in the machine and equipment specifications, and some indicate the push power size with the help of the near and far transmission distance. In normal conditions, wireless devices should be sended between 25mW and 50mW, or transmitted between 50m and 200m. If you can't find the push power scale in the device's nameplate or manual, don't buy it casually.

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