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What are the problems of two way radios in programming 2023-05-03

First, What is the meaning of two way radio programming

The traditional analog radio the machine at the same frequency is generally interworking, but if there is a frequency phenomenon after the need to modify to adjust the frequency and CTCSS, this is the need to programming line to link into the radio. When programming the machine, the role of the programming line is to convert the level, and the popular tap is to convert the information sent by the computer into the information that can be read by the two way radio, just like translation


Second,problems of two way radios in the programming

1. The two way radio installation file cannot be programmed

An error caused by packaging naming may have prevented users from using the installation file. When packaging software, do not use Chinese names or full-angle symbols, use English half-angle characters.

2. When there are errors in the old software, the new software can not be used normally.

May be the old software error data programmed into the machine, at this time with the new version of the software to read the machine data will cause errors, encounter this kind of situation, reset the machine or on the existing error of the two way radio first perform a programming operation, (before editing do not read the existing error into the two way radio, but can read the original software has not programmed)

3. After the upgrade software is replaced, the saved data file cannot be opened

If the new version of the software does not support data saved by the Japanese version of the software. You can obtain saved data in the following ways:. Use the old software to read the data and program it into the two way radio (the two way radio that has been programmed can ignore this step)· Read the data from the two way radio.

Attention: It may cause some unexpected errors, we recommend that it should not be used in this way. The way to do that is to program a new piece of data.

4. After the software is replaced or upgraded, data is read out, causing an error in the programming software.

After initializing the two way radio, read data or directly edit data to program (program once first)

5. After the software is replaced or upgraded, files cannot be saved or an error occurs after reading the two way radio. Read data after initializing the two way radio or directly edit data to be programmed (program once first).

6. An error occurs during the installation process, and the message "Error occurred while trying to replace an existing file: DeleteFile failed: Code 5 denies access Open" Task Manager ", "Process", find all the running software programs of this programming and stop it. And then reinstall

7. After the intercom is powered off, an error occurs in the read frequency  or programming and the message Cannot open the communication port is displayed.

Check whether the serial port ID is correct on the serial port setting screen.

Plug and unplug the programming line (PC).

8. How to check the update of the same version of the programming software?

Check the modification time of the installation file. The latest modification time is usually the latest modification time.

Attention: The modification time, not the creation time

9. An error occurs when you start the software

In some older versions of the software there is this problem, because there is no serial port in the computer caused by

To solve this problem, after installing the USB serial cable driver (this step can be omitted if it has been installed), insert the write frequency cable, find the two way radio, turn on the power of the intercom, insert the programming cable to the computer, and then open the programming software (or setting software, debugging software), to avoid this problem.

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