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What is the principle of nationwide PoC radio? 2023-01-05

The nationwide PoC walkie-talkie is also called public network walkie-talkie. The main selling point is that there are no restrictions on distance group calls, group calls, single calls, and high-definition sound quality across the country. There is a built-in mobile phone card with 4G signal, most of which are for telecommunications, and it is a kind of data card, which cannot make calls or send text messages. It is true that it is better than traditional walkie-talkies.

But for the same PoC walkie-talkie, there are still many ways inside. For example, I bought two experimental units at the beginning, which were from Motorola, and they were very good in every aspect. Fortunately, I found out that they were OEM, and Motorola had never produced this model. Later, I found out that the same style of walkie-talkie was posted with several different brands, and I realized that this industry is quite deep.

The cheaper the walkie-talkie, the more it advertises that it will be free for life. These are basically liars, and they are all small platforms. The good ones can be used for a year, and the unlucky ones can't be used for a month. Moreover, there is a shortcoming of the nationwide PoC walkie-talkie. If you want to buy it later, you can only find him, otherwise you will not be able to connect to the same network.

Therefore, when buying a PoC walkie-talkie, the first thing to look at is the platform, and then the brand. PoC walkie-talkie on the same platform can all communicate in a network, and walkie-talkies of different brands are fine, as long as the platforms are the same.

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