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Why hasn't the walkie-talkie been replaced by the mobile phone? 2023-01-07

1. The walkie-talkie is not restricted by the network. In places where the network does not cover, the walkie-talkie allows users to communicate easily. 


2. The walkie-talkie provides one-to-one and one-to-many communication methods, one-click to talk, simple operation, and freer communication, especially in the case of emergency dispatch and collective work, these features are very important.


3. Call costs are low.

For mobile phones, communication is more based on SIM cards, and each time you need to dial a number, or call through a Whatsapp ID to make a call! He has strict signal and network requirements, otherwise the call cannot be realized!


In the case of calls on fixed occasions, sometimes faster and more stable communication is required, which will not be restricted by the operator's network! Then the importance of the walkie-talkie is self-evident! For example, in construction, it is generally communicated with tower crane drivers, high-rise buildings and underground floors. The walkie-talkie is a very good way to transmit information. You only need to press and hold to talk! In some coal mines, some people went down the mine, and the commander above also talked through the walkie-talkie!


In some live broadcasts,the director communicates with the host and actors through walkie-talkies, but sometimes it is a one-way communication, and sometimes it is a dialogue form of communication!


For many special operations such as public security and police, it is also through the walkie-talkie! In some scenarios, it is necessary to communicate without a network signal, and the people who use the walkie-talkie are relatively fixed, and there will not be too many changes, so the walkie-talkie is more convenient. It can also establish a connection for communication faster! This is not available on mobile phones!


Then maybe some mobile phone manufacturers can consider adding a walkie-talkie function to the mobile phone, but this does not mean that the mobile phone can still replace the walkie-talkie!


Because there are walkie-talkies that need to be held, and there are also those that are connected to a headset and are portable! The mobile phone is not portable in some scenarios, especially when the hands are occupied and you need to make a call. Perhaps many manufacturers of Bluetooth headsets can consider creating Bluetooth headsets with walkie-talkie functions for special operations!


But having said that, walkie-talkies are required in professional scenarios. Many enterprises and institutions have frequent communication needs in fixed places, such as issuing instructions, such as reporting the situation in a timely manner, for example, in special scenarios, the network signal is relatively weak, such as communication needs. Especially timely, without a few seconds of delay. Then the walkie-talkie is definitely the best choice.


For example, the observers of the reservoir have to report the water level and flood situation in summer in time. Sometimes it may take a few minutes and a few seconds to decide many life and death issues. This is not possible to make a phone call through the mobile phone. The best choice is to report quickly through the walkie-talkie !


Therefore, walkie-talkies are just needed in some scenarios and are difficult to replace. Especially in emergency communication, where every second counts, walkie-talkies have great advantages.


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