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In an emergency, what kind of walkie-talkie is more suitable? January 01, 1970

Outdoor travel has become a more and more popular way of leisure for contemporary people. When the cellular network cannot be used in remote areas, the walkie-talkie is the most reliable communication tool. The walkie-talkie is not only not controlled by the base station, but can also used to search on the frequency of the nearest search and rescue team and government departments for help! So in the face of a wide variety of walkie-talkies on the market, how do we choose a walkie-talkie that is more suitable for outdoor use?

1Protection level

Due to the harsh environment after the disaster, it is also easy to encounter severe weather such as rain and snow. Therefore, when choosing a walkie-talkie, our first consideration is whether the protection ability of the walkie-talkie itself meets the standard. For example, explosion-proof digital walkie-talkies have IIB explosion-proof grade, and the whole machine has been monitored by the US military standard and meets the IP67 dustproof and waterproof standard. Even if it accidentally falls into the water or gets wet by heavy rain during use, it can still communicate normally.

2Working frequency

The dual-band walkie-talkie of the amateur radio station just covers the 150-170MHZ and 400-470MHZ frequency bands. If you are trapped in distress, the amateur walkie-talkie with a wide working frequency can cooperate with the frequency scanning function to search for the signal of the walkie-talkie in use nearby, and then insert an emergency call for help. The walkie-talkie with a wide working frequency can also be easily used with the walkie-talkie of other departments, and even the frequency used by the professional rescue team can be quickly set, and provided to the rescue team as material support.

3Standby hour

If you are in outdoor for a long time, you will inevitably encounter the problem of power shortage. When the walkie-talkie cannot be charged in time, we must first consider the walkie-talkie with large battery capacity, long battery life, and low power consumption.

4Adjustable power

To reduce the power consumption of the walkie-talkie, you can also choose a walkie-talkie with multi-level transmit power. Adjust the power according to different usage environments, so that the power consumption can be reduced as much as possible, so that we can get more talking and standby time.

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