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The Differences of Different Powers of Walkie-talkies January 01, 1970

When a customer buys a walkie-talkie, they usually say is there a walkie-talkie with 10 km distance? For this problem, many walkie-talkie sales are very entangled. Say yes, for fear of not meeting the needs of customers, say no, some machines at sea level will definitely be able to do so, so in the sales process of walkie-talkies, it is necessary to explain the power of walkie-talkies to customers clearly. Today we will talk about the differences of the transmission powers of the walkie-talkies:


We all know that without considering other interference factors, the greater the transmit power, the greater the signal coverage, and the longer communication distance. Let's talk about walkie-talkies with different transmit powers.

0.5W conventional walkie-talkie

The general theoretical communication distance of 0.5W PMR walkie-talkies is usually 1 to 3 kilometers, but after testing, the communication distance is generally within 1.2 kilometers in open areas, and the communication distance in urban areas is generally 300-500 meters. The 0.5W PMR walkie-talkie is mainly suitable for some restaurants, or when the family occasionally goes out to play. Walkie-talkie of this power level has been tested that in an ordinary building the communication distance can only reach a height of about ten floors. If the actual communication range is only within 1 km, it is recommended to buy a 0.5W walkie-talkie.

2.5W conventional walkie-talkie

The communication distance indicated by the 2.5W conventional walkie-talkie manufacturer is usually 3 to 9 kilometers. The actual communication distance is usually within 3.5 kilometers in an open area, and the communication distance in the urban area is generally 1.5-2 kilometers. 2.5W power conventional machine, this kind of machine has a relatively high cost performance, the function is stronger than the civilian machine, and the price is lower than the professional machine.

Professional walkie-talkies above 4W

The communication distance indicated by the professional walkie-talkie manufacturer above 4W is usually 3 to 5 kilometers. After testing, the communication distance of this type of machine is usually about 7 kilometers in the open area, and the communication distance in the urban area is usually 3-4 kilometers. The reason is that the manufacturer marks the theoretical communication distance, and the actual communication distance is greatly reduced due to the influence of the environment.

Professional models above 4W are widely used in construction sites, building security, logistics deployment, port operations, factory security, workshop operation deployment, etc. This power level can be regarded as a handheld model with a long distance, if you use in a relatively wide coverage, the choice is naturally a professional radio with more than 4W.

Mobile Walkie-talkie

The mobile radio is installed on the car, powered by the power supply on the car and uses the mobile antenna. It can be installed on the car or indoors; it is mainly used for transportation, production scheduling, security command and other services. Its volume is larger, the power is not less than 10W, generally 25W. The maximum power is 60W for VHF, 50W for UHF, and the power of some mobile radios in a certain frequency band reaches 75W. The power supply of the mobile radio is 13.8V, because the transmission power of the vehicle radio is large, the communication distance is much farther than that of the conventional handheld radio. The communication distance can reach more than 20 kilometers. In the wireless communication network, the communication distance through the relay station is obviously increased, which can reach tens of kilometers.

PoC Walkie-talkie

4G PoC walkie-talkie breaks the traditional 2G and 3G limitations of public network clusters. Users can choose different mobile operators at will, and realize nationwide intercom with unlimited distance, clear, zero-delay intercom, and high-precision GPS Positioning, realizing the perfect combination of 4G full Netcom network and walkie-talkie; rich multi-functional applications and powerful dispatching system, flat operation interface and 4G, 3G network integration design, power reminder and other functions such as single call, group call, group call and other calling methods to ensure communication experience in different industries, and provide users with more humanized, efficient and diversified professional communication services.

The above are the differences of walkie-talkie products currently sold in the market. Most of them belong to this category. The radio walkie-talkie with antenna system and the 350M police walkie-talkie are not included in this scope. Do you understand the differences of the transmission powers of the walkie-talkie?

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