Digital Mobile Radio
What is Network Two Way Radio? January 01, 1970

The public network radio is a technology that transmits voice signals through the data channel (IP) of the mobile phone network signal to achieve intercom calls.

Simply put, it is an intercom built on the basis of the communication function of the telecom operator and the third-party intercom system.

The public network walkie-talkie is like WhatsApp that uses telecommunication network traffic to chat. The SIM card is responsible for signals and traffic; the third-party intercom system is like WhatsApp, which has various functions, such as voice, group chat, private chat, GPS, and video. Senhaix comes standard with Realptt.

It realizes real-time intercom and accurate transmission of PTT signals, and there is no distance limit, and it can even talk globally.

Traditional analog walkie-talkies are restricted by the transmission power and antenna sensitivity, and the intercom communication distance is limited. The public network walkie-talkie perfectly solves this problem.

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