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Ultra-slim Commercial Two Way Radio January 01, 1970

2W walkie talkie

SenHaiX 1410 is an ultra-slim commercial two way radio. The product is designed for easy operation and good handling. It is unique designed to consolidate reliability in a more compact space, the body is only 14mm, ultra slim and flexible.

pmr446 two way radio

The original togging volume control key brings a new operation experience. The front side is equipped with a LED breathing light and PTT key, which is very unique with traditional walkie-talkie and more convenient and fast response.

With superb clear speaker audio , it suitable for hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. The battery is on standby for up to 120 hours.

Dual headset jack design make it universal 3.5mm/2.5mm headset, with USB charging, 5V input can be charged, very convenient and fast.

ultra slim two way radio

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