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What is The Difference Between Professional Walkie-Talkies, Amateur Walkie-Talkies, And Civilian Walkie-Talkies? January 01, 1970

Walkie-talkies are often used in some community security, service, public security and other industries. The walkie-talkies on the market can generally be divided into three categories: professional walkie-talkies, amateur walkie-talkies and civilian walkie-talkies. So, what are the frequencies, usage methods, and specific prices of these three types of walkie-talkies? Which type of walkie-talkie is suitable for you to use? Below, the editor of the SenHaiX walkie-talkie will give you a basic introduction to these three types of walkie-talkies:


1. Professional walkie-talkie

Most of the users of professional radios are used in the professional business of group teams, such as hotels, transportation, security, property, shopping malls, warehousing, forestry, etc. Therefore, professional radio walkie-talkies are characterized by simple and practical functions. In the design, there are a variety of communication interfaces for users to do secondary development. Most of its frequency settings are programmed through a computer, and the user cannot change the frequency. The panel only displays the number of channels, not the frequency directly. When the working frequency of the professional machine is in the VHF segment, part of the V high segment (148~174MHZ) and the V low segment (136~160MHZ). Another part is the whole section (136~174MHZ). However, in the UHF frequency band, most of them are divided into U high segment (450~470MHZ) and U low segment (400~430MHZ), and very few are U full segment (400~470MHZ). Professional walkie talkies have higher performance, reliability and stability than amateur machines, and their prices are naturally higher than amateur machines, and some are even much higher.


2. Amateur walkie-talkies

A radio walkie-talkie specially designed and produced for the use of radio amateurs. For this amateur personal radio service, each country has dedicated frequency bands allocated to amateur radio sports enthusiasts. For example, the frequency bands in China are 144~146MHZ and 430~440MHZ.


3. Civil walkie-talkies

In my country, a civil walkie-talkie (also known as a public walkie-talkie) is an approved walkie-talkie with a transmit power of no more than 0.5W and can only work in the specially designated 409MHz-410MHz frequency band.


Civil walkie-talkies do not need to apply for a license and do not need to pay frequency usage fees, so they are very suitable for people who have never been in contact with walkie-talkies or who are unwilling to apply for a license to use them for short-distance daily communication or when they go out to play: such as hiking with friends or One or two floors of small restaurants, bars, etc. are suitable.

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