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Why You Need to Use a Walkie-talkie January 01, 1970

With the rapid development of communication technology, the technological attributes of walkie-talkies are becoming stronger and stronger. For certain groups of people, compared with the mobile phones we usually use, it has an irreplaceable unique advantage.

1. More Reliable Performance

When it comes to walkie-talkies, many people think of professional user groups such as police and security. For them, the stability of communication tools and smooth communication are more important. The biggest difference between professional walkie-talkies and mobile phones lies in their adaptability and ease of use in complex and ever-changing environments, which can bring more reliable performance and experience.

For example, once encountering an environment with sudden changes in temperature and humidity, the mobile phone often cannot work normally, and the user cannot communicate with the outside world. The professional walkie-talkie can also work normally in the high temperature, high humidity and salt fog environment, ensuring normal communication with the outside world.

2. Clearer Voice Calls

The business scenarios of professional users include subway stations, large supermarkets, factories, etc. These scenarios are noisy and the environment is noisy, making it difficult to hear the content of the call. They need clear voice for their day-to-day work communications.

At present, most of our walkie-talkies have loudspeakers with higher power. Taking SenHaiX 81-(30)PLUS as an example, this waterproof and noise-cancelling walkie-talkie has built-in high-power speakers, combined with its self-developed AI noise reduction function, through noise reduction The chip filters ambient noise to ensure sound quality can be restored in complex environments.

In the test experiment, we tested the voice call of this SenHaiX 81-(30)PLUS, and its performance is quite good. Thanks to the dual advantages of hardware and algorithms, in the factory 3 kilometers apart, the two test machines can not only ensure normal calls, but also have loud and clear voices.

Noise-Cancelling Test

3. More Efficient Business Communication

For professional users, their work business often has the characteristics of urgency and immediacy, and a push to talk walkie-talkie can better meet the business needs of professional users.

4. Better Battery Life

The working mode of professional groups also puts forward higher requirements on the endurance of communication equipment to meet the needs of long-term work. SenHaiX 81-(30)PLUS is officially equipped with a 2800mAh high-capacity lithium battery, which can support 400 hours of standby or more than 12 hours of high-intensity continuous use.

In addition, the detachable battery design also increases the battery life of this walkie-talkie. We can replace a new battery at any time, which is more convenient and practical than smart-phones that cannot replace the battery.

Excellent reliability and long battery life are the unique advantages of this SenHaiX 81-(30)PLUS waterproof and noise-cancelling walkie-talkie. It has passed the IP67 waterproof test. For professional users, it can adapt to more complex use environments , which can bring stable performance no matter what the environment is. SenHaiX 81-(30)PLUS is an excellent choice if you are in a complex work environment that requires high-intensity calls.

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