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Senhaix 8800 Dual Band Bluetooth Radio January 01, 1970

What kind of walkie-talkie do you use for sports scenes such as cycling, hiking, skiing, and adventure?

In order to adapt to the use environment, the SenHaiX 8800 dual band radio is more demanding than the license-free walkie-talkie, with better resistance to falling, waterproof and communication distance. Compared with the common commercial walkie-talkie, the professional sports two way radio is more convenient in function and convenient for operation.

This product not only has the transmit power of commercial professional walkie-talkies, but also supports VHF & UHF dual-band operation and even FM radio function.

Shape and Design

The SenHaiX 8800's shape is eye-catching, and is clearly different from the common commercial professional walkie-talkies and amateur radios. It is designed for sports and outdoor.

The 8800 has a long strip shape and is easy to hold with gloves. The size is about 134×60×38mm and the weight is 270g. The product has some details on the outer casing design to enhance the stability and comfort of the grip.

In order to strengthen the impact resistance of the product, the 8800 bottom uses a softer TPU material package, which can play a certain buffering effect when falling, and improve the product's anti-drop ability.

At the headphone jack and battery pole piece, the 8800 is designed with a waterproof structure, waterproof and dustproof grade of IP55, which can achieve “preventing the intrusion of jet water” (low pressure water jet), which is fully capable in skiing, light rain and heavy fog.

The 8800's battery system design is also different.

First, the combination of the battery block and the walkie-talkie is directly locked with a screw. This combination is more secure, and the battery is not separated from the main unit when the intercom is accidentally dropped.

The battery has a Mirco USB charging port (with a charging status indicator) that can be used to charge the battery with a mainstream mobile phone charger, and the battery can be charged separately. The charger also supports two power inputs, one for the regular 12V input and the other for the 5V Mirco USB input. Can share mobile phone charging devices.

The 8800 supports dual-band reception and transmission from 136 to 174 MHz and 400 to 470 MHz, and supports 65 to 108 MHz FM radio reception. The SHX-8800 can display 2 operating frequencies and has a dual-frequency waiting selection function in the menu.

Special Function

Bluetooth Programming

The 8800 programming can be done via Bluetooth (optional feature). We provide a dedicated app that can be used to edit data such as frequency, channel, and function settings when connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. Enable fast programming anytime, anywhere.

SOS Function

The 8800's SOS function can issue a variety of alarm signals in an emergency (the local alarm and remote alarm items can be preset in the menu), including the alarm sound of the walkie-talkie itself, the walkie-talkie's own flashlight function enters the strobe alarm mode, and the walkie-talkie is currently in the main An alarm sound is emitted on the frequency gap, and an alarm code is sent. To activate the SOS alarm, just press and hold the side button of the flashlight function. The SOS alert service function is still very practical in some long-distance sports activities.

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