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  • Precautions for using two way radio
    Precautions for using two way radio on May 11,2023.
    1. When the intercom is being launched, keep the intercom in the vertical position, and keep the distance between the microphone and the mouth 3-5 cm. The two way radio should be at least 2.5 cm from the head or body at launch. If a handheld radio is carried on the body, the antenna should be at least 2.5 cm away from the body when it is launched. 2, in the process of use do not turn on and off the action for many times, at the same time to adjust the volume to suit your hearing volume. 3. Do not change the parameters of the intercom. Otherwise, the frequency meter function may be confused, which may cause the intercom cannot be used normally and cause unnecessary trouble to maintenance engineers. 4. Only the antennas configured or approved by the original factory can be used. Without the approved antennas, the antennas modified or added with accessories may damage the two way radio or violate the regulations of the Radio Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Information Industry; And may make the communication effect worse. 5, in use, do not use the hand to hold the antenna, do not hold the antenna to swing the machine around here and threre. 6. In use, the antenna of the two way radio can not be screwed off, otherwise it is easy to damage the internal components when transmitting. 7. Do not use damaged antennas. Minor burns may occur if the damaged antenna comes into contact with skin during launch. 8. The radio antenna is compatible with the frequency of the host. Do not use the antenna that does not match the frequency band of the host, which will damage the two way radio and deteriorate the communication effect. 9, two way radio speaker external magnetism is very weak, avoid in the computer, MP3, PDA, U disk and other electronic equipment accessories for a long time emission, wireless electromagnetic wave may have a certain impact on the use of these equipment; Do not use high power close to the human body for a long time. Please keep the distance between your two way radio and the screen such as the computer monitor at a distance of more than 10 cm to avoid magnetization. 10. Please use the original and authentic batteries. 11. All batteries may cause damage or personal injury if metallic conductors such as jewelry, keys, or bead chains touch their bare electrodes. Be careful with charged batteries, especially when carrying them in pockets, wallets, or other metal containers. 12. Charging should be carried out in an environment of 5-40 degrees. If the temperature exceeds this range, the battery life will be affected, and the rated capacity may be insufficient. 13. In a car with a safety airlock, do not place the two way radio within the range where the airbag may be deployed. If the two way radio is in the area that may be involved when the airbag deploys, once the airbag deploys rapidly, the two way radio may injure people in the car with great impact. 14. In atmospheric environments or situations where there is a potential explosion, t...
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  • The structure of two way radio
    The structure of two way radio on May 9,2023.
    Antenna There are many kinds of antennas, such as two way radio rubber antenna, hand-held radio pull rod antenna, vehicle mounted sucker antenna, FRP omnidirectional antenna, Yagi directional antenna, and suction top antenna. Now many two way radios are full frequency segment, 136-174M, 400-470M, although some small manufacturers known as the antenna is full segment, but it is best to distinguish the antenna high and low segment, for the full segment of the machine, frequency above 450M with 400 high antenna, frequency below 420M, Antenna with lower than 400 is much better, especially when the user on the call distance requirements, more attention should be paid to these. The effect of ordinary tie rod antenna is not big, the length of rubber antenna is a great deal of attention, not the longer the better, if the effect is significant, MOTOROLA and other international brands why not do it? The gap between the car suction cup antenna is very big, good to hundreds of pieces or even more than one thousand yuan, the most cheap one is just 40 yuan, it is recommended that we sell more than one hundred antenna, quality assurance, sensitivity is also higher, the distance of the sales of the platform also has a greater help, or that sentence, a good horse with a good saddle. Channel value Some two way radios have displays and some do not. Two way radios without displays generally have 16 channels such as Senhaix 1430, 15 regular channels and one scan channel. Two way radios with display screens generally have 99 or 128 channels such as SenhaiX 8800 and SenhaiX 8600. Moreover, two way radios store 99 or 128 channels, maritime two way radios are generally 128 channels. Status indicator The status indicator of the two way radio refers to the two status indicators of transmitting and receiving. Under normal circumstances, the indicator is out when the two way radio does not work, the indicator is red when transmitting, the indicator is green when receiving, and the signal is not good when the two way radio receives, the green indicator is not always on, but irregular "jitter". If the two way radio battery is low and it is in standby state, the red indicator blinks, indicating that the battery is low. You need to replace the battery. If you do not replace the battery in time, a beep will beep when you press the launch button of the two way radio. Horn Horns of two way radio have several calibers, the sound quality of the speaker and the size of the sound cavity has a large system, the sound quality of the big two way radio is better than the sound quality of the small one. Battery Batteries are an important part of a two way radio. A good battery for a two way radio is like a good  saddle for a good horse. Walkie-talkie batteries can be divided into nickel cadmium battery, nickel metal hydride battery, lithium ion battery. Each of the above batteries is equipped with explosion-proof battery, ordinary battery can not be used in flammable and explosive gas ...
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  • How far is the actual communication distance of two way radio?
    How far is the actual communication distance of two way radio? on 2023-05-05
    Radio as a wireless communication tools, and mobile phone contrast has its own advantages: in the set of one-to-one, one-to-many communications, especially the characteristics of the one-to-many is ordinary mobile phone can't compare. With the continuous improvement of the basic functions and the expansion of the main uses of two way radios, two way radios are also widely used in the military, public security organs, security, rescue, public utilities and other government departments. In addition to its application in professional fields, two way radios are also gradually entering People's Daily life. They can also be found in civil occasions such as dispatching, security, property management, construction sites and hotels in daily life.Many customers who have just contacted the two way radio often ask, how far can the radio call?There is a problem about the communication distance of the two way radio, in fact, mainly depends on the communication distance, push power, two key factors, today we will talk about how to know how far the communication distance of the two way radio is? 1. Communication spacing Usually communication spacing within 2-3 kilometers can be regarded as short distance communication, relative to individual users, can buy civil radios. Compared with enterprise customers, they can purchase low-power radios by applying for them. If they want to ensure the actual effect of communication, they can choose professional common radios. If you need to communicate within the city and the communication distance is within 3-10km, you can consider buying a professional walkie-talkie. The Senhaix GT-10 is a good choice. If it is further away, it is best to use the base station power and handheld radio communication, or the vehicle-mounted platform and vehicle-mounted platform communication base platform. We can use the relatively large power of the vehicle-mounted radio. If customers need longer distance or better communication quality, they can use cluster interphones if they do not have their own professional digital trunking . Professional digital trunkings are supported by the wireless communication Internet, so the communication distance is relatively far. Because the two way radios need the support of the Internet, if the two way radios are taken off the Internet, just like the mobile phones are taken off the Internet, even if the calls are face to face, they cannot be made. 2. Sending power Compared with the wireless communication machine equipment, the size of the sending power is particularly important. The same wireless devices, the high sending power products and low sending power products are different from price. At the same time, the difference of sending power also directly affects the stability of wireless network data transmission.Therefore, pay attention to the size of the selected machine and device sending power, is also an important part of the whole process of selecting wireless devices. At present, some of the push pow...
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  • What are the problems of two way radios in programming
    What are the problems of two way radios in programming on 2023-05-03
    First, What is the meaning of two way radio programming The traditional analog radio the machine at the same frequency is generally interworking, but if there is a frequency phenomenon after the need to modify to adjust the frequency and CTCSS, this is the need to programming line to link into the radio. When programming the machine, the role of the programming line is to convert the level, and the popular tap is to convert the information sent by the computer into the information that can be read by the two way radio, just like translation Second,problems of two way radios in the programming 1. The two way radio installation file cannot be programmed An error caused by packaging naming may have prevented users from using the installation file. When packaging software, do not use Chinese names or full-angle symbols, use English half-angle characters. 2. When there are errors in the old software, the new software can not be used normally. May be the old software error data programmed into the machine, at this time with the new version of the software to read the machine data will cause errors, encounter this kind of situation, reset the machine or on the existing error of the two way radio first perform a programming operation, (before editing do not read the existing error into the two way radio, but can read the original software has not programmed) 3. After the upgrade software is replaced, the saved data file cannot be opened If the new version of the software does not support data saved by the Japanese version of the software. You can obtain saved data in the following ways:. Use the old software to read the data and program it into the two way radio (the two way radio that has been programmed can ignore this step)· Read the data from the two way radio. Attention: It may cause some unexpected errors, we recommend that it should not be used in this way. The way to do that is to program a new piece of data. 4. After the software is replaced or upgraded, data is read out, causing an error in the programming software. After initializing the two way radio, read data or directly edit data to program (program once first) 5. After the software is replaced or upgraded, files cannot be saved or an error occurs after reading the two way radio. Read data after initializing the two way radio or directly edit data to be programmed (program once first). 6. An error occurs during the installation process, and the message "Error occurred while trying to replace an existing file: DeleteFile failed: Code 5 denies access Open" Task Manager ", "Process", find all the running software programs of this programming and stop it. And then reinstall 7. After the intercom is powered off, an error occurs in the read frequency  or programming and the message Cannot open the communication port is displayed. Check whether the serial port ID is correct on the serial port setting screen. Plug and unplug the programming line (PC). 8. How to check the update of the same ve...
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  • Why do we need an explosion-proof radio?
    Why do we need an explosion-proof radio? on 2023-05-02
    Literally,the general people rarely contact explosion-proof radio, can only merely understand the use is explosion-proof function, can be applied to the explosion-proof area, as for what principle, explosion-proof radio specific what characteristics are not known. Explosion-proof radios refer to two way radios used in different flammable, explosive, dust and other environments according to different explosion-proof certification levels. Explosion-proof radios are attached with Ex explosion-proof certification mark, indicating that the product has passed the national explosion-proof testing agency certification, can be used in specific explosive gas environment. The principle of explosion-proof radio: Explosion often brings great loss of life and property. Preventing the release of combustible materials, which is often the cause of explosive conditions, and preventing the creation of effective ignition sources are widely used methods to reduce the risk of explosion. And the use of correct equipment can be more effective prevention. An effective source of ignition may be one or a combination of: lightning, open flames, excessive surface temperatures, electric arcs or sparks in electronic equipment, sparks caused by different potentials, mechanical sparks (friction or collision), electrostatic discharges, radio-frequency radiation, and associated radiation (lasers). Why do you need an explosion-proof radio? From the above we can see that the use of explosion-proof radio in special occasions is a necessary communication equipment, then explosion-proof radio, is a function of explosion-proof radio, and use is more practical than the general two way radio.        Ordinary mobile phone calls can only be one-to-one, while two way radio supports one-to-many call mode, which can highlight its advantages in the work scene of personnel scheduling, and well solve the problem of division of labor and decision. Explosion-proof radios can talk without any network support, and no call charges are generated. They are suitable for relatively fixed and frequent calls. In some special working background environment, such as very noisy production workshop, pharmaceutical workshop, the voice of the walkie-talkie is clear, convenient communication, and the two way radio can achieve a hundred calls, very practical! The difference between explosion-proof radios and ordinary radios Let's start by understanding what an explosion-proof radio is. This type of two way radio mainly refers to the ability to work in the environment of explosive gas, rather than itself can resist explosion. At present, it is mainly used in harsh environment and dangerous combustible gas or dust environment, such as petrochemical, coal, chemical, thermal power, food processing and other industries. Our commonly used analog and digital two way radios mainly rely on electromagnetic wave to transmit signals, and electromagnetic wave transmission mainly uses the continuous conversio...
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  • Advantages of network radio
    Advantages of network radio on 2023-04-29
    First, the cost is cheap, then the cable to enter the machine to communication must be erected cable, or digging cable trench, so the need for a lot of manpower and material resources, and the use of wireless radio to establish a special wireless transmission mode without erecting these equipment, only need to set up the appropriate height of the antenna on each terminal can be, So it is to save manpower and material resources in comparison with wireless network transmission, investment is quite saving, and is to some close communication system, two way radio performance is more flexible and convenient, construction project cycle is short, so when the distance from several kilometers to more distant sites to connect communication, using the wired way, You have to run long cables or dig long trenches, which can take months. With wireless networks, you only need to set up antennas at the right height, which can take days or weeks 1. Convenience: In an organization, as long as the frequency is the same, any radio call, other radio can receive. Make one person and many people talk to each other come ture. 2. Rapid: information dissemination is convenient and fast, convenient for internal command and scheduling, close contact. 3 The cost of two way radio is tiny, for the part of the call, can reduce the cost, save money. 4. Freedom: two way radio does not need network support, just push the key then you can talk with the erson you want, outside the city suburban tourism or engineering operations, play a great role. 1. Application and benefits If you need to contact someone who walks around a lot or is absent, you need to repeat a message to that person, most of your company's communications are within the company, you need to respond quickly in case of an emergency, you have some vehicles or people moving around a fixed area, you manage some equipment or several buildings, and your shipments change frequently in production schedules. 3, How to improve the efficiency of two way radios? A two way radio is a necessary tool for a person to communicate with a group of people in a company. With just one call, the person can communicate with all the people in the group, no matter where they are distributed 4. How to use a two way radio Unlike mobile phones, two way radios are not billed for minutes. Comparing the cost of mobile phones, users will find two way radios more economical and practical. 5. Why do people choose to use two way radios when mobile phones are very popular today? This is because two way radios have many unique features compared with mobile phones: two way radios are not restricted by the network in the place covered by the network, two way radios can allow users to communicate easily, two way radios provide one-to-many call mode, a press to say, simple operation, so that communication is more free, especially in the case of emergency scheduling and collection of collaborative work, these characteristics are very important. And call costs...
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  • Which fields are two way radios mainly used in
    Which fields are two way radios mainly used in on April 28,2023.
    Two way radio is mainly used in public security, civil aviation, transportation, water conservancy, railway station, manufacturing, construction, service and other industries, for communication and command and dispatch between group members, to improve the communication efficiency and improve the ability to deal with emergencies. As two way radios enter the civil market, people go out to travel, shopping also began to use more and more two way radios. The routine maintenance of tow way radio 1. After long-term use of the two way radio, it is easy to get dirty by pressing the key, control knob and housing. Please remove the control knob from the two way radio and clean the housing with neutral lotion (do not use strong corrosive chemicals) and wet cloth. The use of chemicals such as decontamination agents, alcohol, sprays or petroleum preparations may cause damage to the surface and housing of the two way radio. 2. Handle the two way radio gently. Do not move the antenna. 3. If accessories are not applicable, please cover with dustproof cover (if equipped). Two way radio safety precautions 1. In a car with an airbag, do not place the two way radio within the range that the airbag may be involved when deployed. If the two way radio is in the area that may be involved when the airbag deploys, once the airbag deploys rapidly, the intercom may injure people in the car with great impact. 2. In the atmosphere or occasion of potential explosion, unless the two way radio is specially certified, it must be turned off. In potentially explosive atmospheres, electrical sparks can cause an explosion or fire. 3. Do not replace batteries or charge batteries in potentially explosive atmospheric environments. Installing and removing the battery may cause an explosion. 4. In the vicinity of the blasting area and the area where the detonator is located, the two way radio must be turned off first to avoid possible explosion. Two way radio operation precautions 1. When the intercom is transmitting, keep the two way radio in a vertical position and keep the microphone 2.5-5cm away from the mouth. The two way radio should be at least 2.5 cm from the head or body at launch. If a handheld radio is carried on the body, the antenna should be at least 2.5 cm away from the body when it is launched. 2, in the process of use do not turn on and off the action for many times, at the same time to adjust the volume to suit your hearing volume. Precautions for battery use 1. Use original or approved batteries. 2. All batteries may cause damage or personal injury if metallic conductors such as jewelry, keys, or beads touch the bare electrodes of the battery. Be careful with charged batteries, especially when carrying them in pockets, wallets, or other metal containers 3, Antenna can not be screwed off, otherwise it is easy to burn the power tube when transmitting. 4. Do not use damaged antennas. Minor burns may occur if the damaged antenna comes into contact with skin during transmis...
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  • What are the uses of two way radios?
    What are the uses of two way radios? on 2023-02-22
    Traditional application Two way radio is mainly used in public security, civil aviation, transportation, water conservancy, railway, manufacturing, construction, service and other industries, for communication and command and dispatch between group members, to improve the communication efficiency and improve the rapid response ability to deal with emergencies. As two way radios enter the civil market, people go out to travel, shopping also began to use more and more radios. In addition, there are some special occasions to use the radio, such as explosion-proof two way radio, waterproof radio, police intercom.Mobole radio can also be included in the use of intercom category. Access control radio With the progress of science and technology, two way radio is more and more widely used in the security industry, access control intercom system is produced in this way. The access control radio is to apply the two way radio to the access control system. Users can make calls or video communications through the two way radio. The access control intercom system mainly consists of the intercom host, intercom extension, UPS power supply, electric control lock, and door closing device. According to the type can be divided into direct press type, digital type, digital type household pass, direct press type visual intercom, digital type visual intercom, digital type household pass visual intercom, etc Intercom host Intercom host is the building intercom system control essential part, each extension of the transmission signal and electric lock control signal are controlled by the host, its circuit board using vibration reduction installation, and moisture-proof treatment, anti-vibration moisture-proof ability is very strong, and with night lighting device, beautiful appearance, generous. Intercom extension Intercom extension is a kind of intercom, generally with the host intercom, household-connected building intercom system with the host into a set of internal telephone system can complete the system of user telephone contact, more convenient to use, it is divided into visual extension, non-visual extension. With electric lock control function and monitoring function, generally installed at the door of the user's home, the main convenience of residents and visitors to talk to each other. UPS power supply Its main function is to keep the building intercom system power. Normally, it is charged. When a power failure occurs, the UPS power supply is in the state of supplying power to the system. Building intercom system, manufacturers generally do not use UPS battery, mainly visual system power consumption is too large, general small capacity UPS battery can not ensure the use of time! Electric control lock Its internal structure is mainly composed of electromagnetic mechanism. As long as the user presses the electric lock key on the extension, the electromagnetic coil can be energized, so that the electromagnetic mechanism drives the connecting rod action, and the do...
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  • Several significant advantages of digital radios
    Several significant advantages of digital radios on April 26,2023.
    Two way radio in the design technology, can be divided analog radio (that is, we common traditional walkie-talkie) and digital radio. Analog radios modulate the stored signal to the transmission frequency of the two way radios, while digital radios digitize the voice information and transmit it in the form of digital encoding, that is, all the modulation on the transmission frequency of the two way radios is digital. Digital radios have the advantages of countermeasures, clear voice, high confidentiality, narrow channel bandwidth, and stronger data transmission ability.In the global high-end market two way radio, SenhaiX communication solutions to fully meet the business needs of commercial customers, in the process of analog to digital plays an important role, has been for hotel properties, large business, major events and other users to provide a clear and reliable digital communication solutions. The advantages of digital radios over analog radios are shown in the following aspects: First, the traditional analog radio is a communication mode in which the voice, signaling and signal are modulated to the carrier frequency of the walkie talkie by means of continuous wave and optimized by amplification. It has the advantages of mature technology, perfect system and relatively low cost. Second, digital radio is the voice signal digitization, in a specific digital encoding and a specific form of baseband modulation, and the use of digital signal processor to optimize the digital communication mode. First, spectrum resources can be better used. Similar to cellular digital technology, digital radios can load more users on a given channel and improve spectrum utilization. This is a solution to frequency congestion.Second, improve the quality of calls. With in-system error correction capabilities, digital communication technologies can achieve better voice and audio quality over a wider range of signal environments than analog radios, receiving audio with less noise and clearer sound. Third, improve voice and data integration, and change the weakness that control signals decrease with the increase of communication distance. Compared with similar integrated analog voice and data system, digital intercom can provide better data processing and interface functions, so that more data applications can be integrated into a two-way wireless communication system, voice and data service integration is more perfect, more convenient. With the development of radio communication technology, people's demand for wireless communication quality and frequency spectrum resources are increasingly lacking, digital radio will have a huge market demand. At present, the domestic demand for digital walkie-talkies is also increasing. Senhaix is the equipment provider of medium and high-end radios. Especially, many customers in the catering and hotel industries prefer our digital radios because they are thin, small and have a variety of security application functions. The unique f...
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  • How useful can two way radios be in various situations
    How useful can two way radios be in various situations on 2023-02-11
    First, public security/fire/forestry In the face of public safety practitioners scattered across a wide range of work surfaces, with irregular working hours, you have undertaken the most challenging and responsible task? How do you ensure that the contact between team members and command center and between team members is maintained at all times? The answer is to equip everyone with reliable radios. They are durable and easy to communicate, enough to ensure smooth teamwork and collaboration, as you want to improve combat effectiveness. Second, the construction industry Emphasizing the quality of the two way radio for you to bring higher efficiency and more secure security. Whether directing the crane or dispatching the pipeline handling, pressing a button will immediately connect you with the project supervisor, ensuring effective communication and coordination. If necessary, it can even go directly to the hospital to ensure that the accident on the scene is handled efficiently. Third, the hotel Convenient communication is the basic guarantee for the smooth development of the daily business of hotel service and management personnel. According to the needs of customers, the "indoor distribution and coverage system" is designed to realize the clear voice communication without blind areas, interference and can be carried out at any time in any place within the hotel, improving the work efficiency of hotel staff. Fourth, property Aiming at the communication needs of large property (community) for wireless communication and security scheduling, reasonable solutions should be formulated to provide the community with a set of cost-effective wireless coverage communication solutions with reliable communication, simple construction and convenient expansion. Meet the needs of property management, security, fire protection and emergency communication in the community, and ensure the smooth, safe and efficient daily work of management, operation, maintenance and other departments. Fifth, security Security is very important, tailored for the event to design a complete set of operational support and on-site service solutions, the solution uses high-performance commercial digital products, the use of efficient spectrum data, for the event organizers of high-density command and dispatch, communication to provide a strong communication guarantee, so that the walkie-talkie play an irreplaceable role in each event. Sixth. Supermarkets According to the large shopping mall/property covers a large area, the structure is complex, and the underground parking lot makes the communication and cooperation of the shopping mall/property staff extremely inconvenient, a set of wireless communication system which is convenient for communication, smooth communication and convenient management is developed to assist the improvement of work efficiency and management level, so that the supermarket can provide customers with quality service. Seventh. Transportation No matter the freq...
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