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  • Invitation of Global Sources Electronics
    Invitation of Global Sources Electronics on 2018-09-21
    Global Sources Electronics is the world's largest electronics trade fair. The upcoming edition opens on October 11, 2018 at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. SenHaiX was invited to attend the "Global Sources Electronics". SenHaiX will carry a number of new two way radios and 4g poc radios to exhibit. Sincerely inviting you and your esteemed company representatives to come to the exhibition! Our booth number is 9C15. Hope to see you here!
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  • SenHaiX provides communication services for the two sessions
    SenHaiX provides communication services for the two sessions on 2017-03-11
    During the two sessions,SenHaiX walkie-talkie brand provides comprehensive communication service guarantee With the convening of the two sessions, communication security work has become more important, and SenHaiX has been widely used as a high-end brand in the walkie-talkie industry. During the two sessions, the products played an important role in communication at the two sessions. The work of most people has gone smoothly. During the two sessions, a number of models including the 5710, 6200, GT10 and N70 appeared on the scene, providing support for the communication and security work of journalists and workers on site. Some of SenHaiX products are more distinctive and can be described as the leader in the walkie-talkie market. During the two sessions, journalists including People's Daily were making the SenHaiX brand walkie-talkie, SenHaiX walkie-talkie high-end practical performance, allowing reporters to communicate more quickly during the two sessions, reducing problems caused by communication, low-noise machine For the on-site work, the efficiency is greatly improved. Why are SenHaiX products so popular? Why can it be widely used in the two sessions? Next, let's take a look at several products of SenHaiX. The 5710 model is a new product developed by SenhaiX, which has made a major breakthrough in both appearance and technology. The new noise reduction function breaks the noise barrier of the traditional walkie-talkie, effectively reduces the noise by nearly 70%, and enables users to communicate more clearly. It is a product with subversive traditional ability. The advantage is not just that, simple Manually edit the channel, it is easier and more convenient to use, easy to get started, eliminating the complicated operation of the computer debugging frequency, making the product more practical and more advantageous in the work, it is a practical and convenient walkie-talkie. The 6200 model is a unique product that stands in the classic. After years of research and development, it has produced a high performance walkie-talkie with unique characteristics, using high-quality polymer batteries imported from Japan. The 6200 mAh power provides long-lasting endurance and stable safety for the walkie-talkie, providing workers with the most reliable protection against the effects of power and other problems. However, compared to the previous two models, the GT10 has a new design, with a strong visual impact. In terms of use, it incorporates ergonomic principles and features a non-slip button to make the phone more stable and not strong. Applicable performance. The N70 is more focused on the positioning system, a powerful positioning system that can easily grasp the location of the sound, no matter how far away, can be clearly positioned, allowing workers to find their destination faster. It is reported that SenHaiX products have served several sessions of the two sessions, and have already served the Changsha International Marathon, Taishan Int...
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  • New Products Coming Soon
  • Global Sources Exhibition 2018
    Global Sources Exhibition 2018 on 2018-04-15
    Asia's largest, most extensive and most traded event - Global Sources Spring Exhibition and opening at Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong on April 11! This exhibition attracts buyers from more than 140 countries and regions around the world to purchase and purchase. As a well-known brand in the field of wireless communication, SenHaiX will bring a lot of products every year. After the last exhibition, in addition to public network products and analog products, SenHaiX has added DMR digital cluster equipment, intelligent vehicle equipment, ultra-thin series, etc. The new products, with unique innovative features and excellent design, make the products meet the diversified needs of users. At this exhibition, the SenHaiX team made recommendations for customers according to the different needs of customers, and the on-site operation experience, so that customers can better feel the advantages of SenHaiX products. SenHaiX will continue to work hard to develop better and more competitive products.
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  • SenHaiX is proud to support Taiyuan International Marathon 2020 as the only official designated two-way radio supplier
    SenHaiX is proud to support Taiyuan International Marathon 2020 as the only official designated two-way radio supplier on 2020-10-19
    SenHaiX is proud to support Taiyuan International Marathon 2020 as the only official designated two-way radio supplier On October 18th 2020, Taiyuan International Marathon was held in Taiyuan Coal Trading Center. More than 4,500 runners participated in the competition. Fujian SenHaiX Electronic Technology Co., Ltd successfully passed the comprehensive assessment of the event organizer and became the only designated two-way radio supplier for Taiyuan International Marathon 2020, providing wireless communication guarantee and services for the full name of the Taiyuan International Marathon to ensure the smooth communication of the competition. SenHaiX provide various types of functions of two-way radios for different scenarios, including single call, group call, all call, positioning, waterproof, noise reduction, SOS and etc. In order to meet the needs of the competition, after conducting in-depth and comprehensive site surveys and feasibility studies, SenHaiX provided high-definition sound quality, sturdy and durable two-way radios for the competition system according to the characteristics of wireless communication requirements to ensure efficient communication and cooperation on site. SenHaiX is a well-known manufacturer of two-way radios(walkie-talkies) in China. It has always been committed to the research and development of professional communication equipments. Its product line includes PoC two way radios, dual-mode radios, dual-band radios, DMR radios, mobile radios, Android radios and etc. SenHaiX has long provided communication services for various large-scale sports events, the performance of its products has been recognized by the organizers.
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  • SenHaiX Sponsors Quanzhou's Large-scale Cultural Events
    SenHaiX Sponsors Quanzhou's Large-scale Cultural Events on 2018-05-02
    SenHaiX sponsors Quanzhou's large-scale cultural events. Many intangible cultural heritage masters gathered in Quanzhou Jinyuxiang and Pangong, attracting a large number of citizens and tourists. On the first day of the market, there were 30,000 people! SenHaiX is a professional wireless communication brand integrating R&D, design, production and sales. Provide full technical support for this event, and use the most professional and efficient products to assist in the development and implementation of this event. Previously, SenHaiX brand products served in Quanzhou Ancient city walk, Changsha International Marathon, Taishan International Mountaineering Competition and other large-scale events, also widely used in the Great Hall of the People, BTV live room, CCTV and other sites, by the user unanimously recognized.
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